Veteran author publishes book on cryptocurrency hacking

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • James Marinero writes book on cryptocurrency hacking.
  • Marinero describes crypto hacking as threat to the world.

Welsh author James Marinero has published a book about cryptocurrency hacking which he wrote at anchor in New Zealand during the Covid lockdown.

The book published on Wednesday, September 15 via Amazon is titled “Blockchain Exploit.”

Blockchain Exploit’ is an up-to-the-minute techno-thriller continuing the author’s (Marinero) themes of global-scale espionage, terrorism, and financial shenanigans.

Marinero’s ‘Blockchain Exploit’ is an up-to-the-minute pacey thriller about Bitcoin blockchain technology and cryptocurrency hacking on a global scale.

Synopsis of Marinero’s cryptocurrency hacking book

The book tells the story of Sveta Kovacs, a sociopathic Ukrainian expert in blockchain technology with a Ph.D. in cryptography. After hacking a Russian air-defense system and downing an airliner, she has moved on and found a way to exploit a weakness in blockchain technology. If she succeeds, there are billions of dollars at her disposal.

The UK Government hunts her down to acquire her software technology and proceeds to plug the bleeding of cash resulting from the Covid impact on the British economy.

MI6 – the Secret Intelligence Service – and GCHQ employ the frightening power of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system, cynically named ‘Baskerville,’ in the hunt. An ex-Royal Marine is coerced into action by the SIS as the search progresses.

Then the hacker threatened the Russian CryptoRuble, drawing the FSB and Spetsnaz into an attack to protect their fledgling cryptocurrency.

While speaking about the book, Marinero said that Cryptocurrency hacking is a real threat, and there have been several instances of large-scale thefts. He noted that the book describes the ultimate nerd-crime at a scale an order of magnitude beyond Wall Street white-collar scams.

He also noted that it works well for terrorists, too, threatening significant stress to major economies. Marinero also said that the artificial intelligence and automated data gathering aspects are frightening. He said they are a major issue that society faces today.

Cryptocurrency hacking has remained a problem for active members of the crypto economy and stakeholders outside the community, government, and world leaders. US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, have spoken extensively on how they can end cryptocurrency hacking.

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