Bonk & Pepe Token Holding Crypto Whale, Invests +$12000 Into ‘Bitnance’ Presale

Pepe ($PEPE) & Bonk Inu ($BONK) Whale Leaps Into Bitnance Presale With $12,000Pepe ($PEPE) & Bonk Inu ($BONK) Whale Leaps Into Bitnance Presale With $12,000

There could be a sudden crypto migration on the horizon this week.  In particular, Bonk Inu ($BONK) and Pepe ($PEPE) token holders may follow a prominent wallet into the Bitnance ($BTN) ICO.  One crypto whale just invested $12,100 into the new token presale, which could signal that more activity is on the way.

Tracking the Bonk Inu + Pepe Whale

The investor’s wallet can be seen on the Bitnance presale transaction address (here).   Through a detailed review of the ‘from’ address and associated transactions, it can be seen that the ‘big timer’ of crypto’s seafish hierarchy, has 3 cryptocurrencies:  Bonk Inu (BONK), Pepe Inu (PEPE), and Tether (USDT).

The affluent crypto trader converted memecoin tokens into USDT before buying the sum of 17.827 Binance (BNB) coins to make the purchase of Bitnance (BTN).    

The transaction was completed today, around 3:45 pm (EST).     The single transaction cost a mere $0.12 [cents] to complete, which is a staggering testament to how much lower the fees are on the Binance-Chain blockchain.

On the Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchains, the fee for a similar transaction would have been over 10x higher more than likely.

This is the reason perhaps, the investor is quickly investing such a large sum into the new store-of-value token.   It is Binance-Chain’s version of Bitcoin (BTC) and could prevent traders from going cross-chain to get such a financial asset.   Staying on-chain would stop BNB coin and Bep-20 tokens’ traders from losing large sums in transaction fees; an idea that could catch on easily to 140-million users. 

What is Bitnance ($BTN)?

This idea is important because the Bitnance token will only have a supply of 10.5 million tokens minted in its entirety.  A very small sum in comparison to Binance-chain’s massive user base.  

Of course, with an SOV token having its price driven by demand, such an uptrend in the popularity of $BTN could easily send the token’s price towards the moon.  It’s already believed to be a contributing factor to the new BNB coin all-time high, reached just days ago.

Currently in its initial coin offering or ‘token presale’ phase, the fledgling BEP-20 token is offered at a rate of $0.357 per token.  Sold exclusively via Bitnance.net until its launch on public exchanges in (around) 177 days.

Bitnance is a store-of-value asset like Bitcoin (BTC) that will allow crypto traders to store their wealth in digital currency.  Most importantly, due to its low finite production, it will stave off the plague of global inflation and increase in value as more crypto traders and investors adopt it.

Why +300% ROI Yields Is Easily Possible… Like Mollars

The launch of this Initial Coin Offering [ICO] appears to follow a similar path of a new token found on Ethereum-Blockchain.  The “Mollars” token was launched on Uniswap and other exchanges just over one week ago. 

First round investors of the Mollars presale saw over a +300% profit yield on their initial investments.  The token value exploded, reaching a price of $1.10 (via Uniswap) on June 3rd, around 11AM (EST). 

More impressively however, the $MOLLARS token has not likely reached its All-Time High [ATH]  for the year as it’s only been on crypto exchanges for one full week.

Being that Binance is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange and the infrastructure of the company has been ‘fixed’ by the US Government in a manner that’s also approved by its governance, the Bitnance ($BTN) token could see an even bigger debut.

The BEP-20 crypto network is faster and less expensive than both Ethereum and Bitcoin-blockchains.  Its audience is also a bit more centralized and easier to reach, making a price of $2 to $3 reasonable to foresee.

Why this Whale is Trading in $BONK & $PEPE For $BTN

This type of foreseeable price growth is likely why this crypto whale has migrated funding from Pepe and Bonk Inu to join the Beyonce presale.  While both tokens are seeing great returns as of recent, they are still modest in comparison.

In the last month, the $BONK memecoin has seen a growth of only +20%.     In the last week however, it’s down slightly over -16%, and the downtrend could continue.   

The $PEPE token is on a similar trajectory.  It saw +50% ROI Yields over the last month but are sliding downward even worse than Bonk Inu, down over -18% the past 7 days.

With both memecoins appearing to have consistent back-and-forth swings this year, it’s unlikely they will have another ‘crypto moon shot’ as they’re long past their prime; generally something that happens directly after ICO phase.

Binance-Chain’s new version of Bitcoin however is something fresh, still in its prime investment stage, the token presale. It’s expected Bitannce (BTN) will see an explosion after its launch on exchanges and the actual ‘ceiling’ for it to hit could be far higher than anyone expects.  Therefore, this crypto whale is striking early and investing heavily to make sure whatever gains there are to be had, will be had by them. 

An investor with $12,100 to invest, isn’t financially illiterate by any means.  To have such an amount to buy any token with, there’s likely hundreds-of-thousands to millions of dollars this whale already has won from smart crypto trading plays.

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