Bloxroute to reject blocks with OFAC-flagged wallet addresses


  • Bloxroute has announced that it will henceforth reject blocks with OFAC-flagged wallet addresses.
  • Regulations in the US and evolving dynamics.

Bloxroute, a U.S.-based company offering relaying services for Ethereum and other networks, recently made a significant announcement regarding its approach to transaction validation. The company declared its intention to reject block bids that include transactions from wallets listed in the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List (SDN List).

Bloxroute announces new policy regarding OFAC-listed addresses

Despite this shift in policy, Bloxroute emphasizes its unwavering commitment to supporting Ethereum’s decentralized nature. The company clarified that it aims to maintain compliance with its legal jurisdiction while upholding Ethereum’s core principles, which include being unstoppable, permissionless, and anti-fragile due to its decentralized and globally distributed nature. The previous approach by Bloxroute involved applying OFAC rules exclusively to its “regulated” relay, while its “max profit” relay transmitted all available transactions without such restrictions.

However, the recent decision extends these compliance measures to both relays, signaling a comprehensive commitment to regulatory compliance. Bloxroute acknowledged concerns about potential performance impacts resulting from this policy change. Contrary to expectations, the company reported that the performance of its two relays remained robust, contributing to over 45% of the payloads in the last 24 hours. This suggests that the implementation of OFAC-related restrictions has not hindered the overall functionality and efficiency of Bloxroute’s relaying services.

It is worth noting that several U.S.-based corporate validators also operate OFAC-compliant relays. According to data from MEV Watch, 42% of the blocks produced post Ethereum’s merge have adhered to OFAC guidelines, indicating a growing influence of a protocol-level censorship policy. This trend raises questions about the potential implications of increasing regulatory compliance on the broader Ethereum network. Nikita Zhavoronkov, the lead developer at Blockchair, highlighted the evolving dynamics of compliance in the crypto space, primarily driven by institutional entry.

Regulations in the US and evolving dynamics

Zhavoronkov raised a potential scenario where, if more than 51% of the network becomes compliant, there is a risk of the miner majority orphaning blocks containing sanctioned transactions. This could have far-reaching consequences, impacting the network operability of various chains. In such a situation, privacy-focused cryptocurrencies like Monero might gain prominence due to their inherent fungibility characteristics and the inability of miners to censor transactions.

The potential rise of privacy coins in response to increased regulatory pressures highlights the adaptability of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in navigating challenges and finding solutions that align with the ethos of decentralization. The intersection of compliance and network integrity poses challenges for blockchain ecosystems, particularly as institutional players navigate the evolving regulatory landscape. Bloxroute’s decision reflects a delicate balance between adhering to regulatory requirements and preserving the core tenets of decentralization in the crypto space.

As the industry grapples with these issues, it remains to be seen how other blockchain projects will respond to the increasing pressure for compliance. The delicate balance between regulatory adherence and preserving the principles that underpin blockchain technology is likely to be a focal point of discussion within the crypto community, shaping the future of decentralized finance and blockchain innovation.

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