Blockgeeks and Bitbuy announce partnership

Bitbuy, which is one of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges announced today that it will be partnering with Blockgeeks.

The partnership entails that the customers of both companies will be introduced to either content, but the clear winners are the Blockgeeks customers who will now have direct access to the education information on Bitbuy.

Furthermore, Blockgeeks customers will have access to various cryptocurrencies on Bitbuy’s platform. Coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin will become accessible.

Bitbuy has not left the partnership uncommented. They mentioned their excitement about partnering up with Blockgeeks and deemed it as a stepping stone towards taking their business on an international level and catering to as many customers as possible.

One of the undoubtedly best features being offered by Bitbuy is the Simplex network. Simplex is probably very popular among most crypto enthusiasts due to Binance’s direct affiliation with the payment provider.

By integrating this network, customers will have access to cryptocurrencies through their credit and debit cards. Coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum will be accessible through fiat currencies such as the Euro, British Pound and US Dollars.

According to Blockgeeks, this partnership is just natural development, as it will increase the scope of the company’s “marketable” audience, simply due to the purchasing option through traditional means.

Due to the fact that most newcomers to Blockgeek’s platform are newbies, it will be much easier for them to convert new visitors into loyal customers, ultimately benefiting both companies in the long run.