BlockFi bankruptcy nets $40M for top law firms in fees


  • The four law firms involved in BlockFi’s bankruptcy proceedings are set to receive $40 million in legal fees.
  • Kirkland & Ellis, leading the legal team, has billed over $16 million for their services in the case.
  • Haynes Boone is requesting over $12.5 million for their integral role since BlockFi’s November 2022 filing.

In the wake of BlockFi’s bankruptcy resolution, an eye-opening revelation has emerged regarding the financial beneficiaries of this corporate collapse. As reported by Bloomberg, the four major law firms representing BlockFi during its court proceedings are poised to receive $40 million in legal fees. This development underscores legal experts’ significant role and financial gain in navigating high-profile corporate bankruptcies, especially within the volatile cryptocurrency sector.

Kirkland & Ellis, a firm requesting over $16 million for its pivotal role in BlockFi’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, is at the forefront of this lucrative legal windfall. This figure represents the largest portion of the total legal fees, highlighting the firm’s primary involvement in guiding BlockFi through the complex bankruptcy process. Kirkland & Ellis’s invoice bears the substantial costs associated with high-caliber legal expertise in such intricate financial matters.

Haynes Boone, another prominent player in the legal saga, is not far behind, with a fee request exceeding $12.5 million. Their involvement began in November 2022, coinciding with the platform’s filing for bankruptcy following a contagion linked to the collapse of FTX, a Bahamian-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange. Haynes Boone’s significant fee underscores the firm’s integral role and the complexity of the legal work required in such a high-stakes situation.

BlockFi legal victory spurs massive lawyer payouts

Further dissecting the financial repercussions of platform’s legal journey, Brown Rudnick emerges with a claim of over $10.5 million for their legal services. Additionally, Cole Schotz, serving as local counsel, seeks compensation nearing $1 million. These figures collectively paint a picture of the substantial legal arsenal deployed in the wake of BlockFi’s financial turmoil and the consequent remuneration expected by these legal powerhouses.

BlockFi’s bankruptcy case, settled in October, is a testament to the effectiveness of these law firms’ strategies and expertise. Notably, the court’s decision in May to allow BlockFi to repay $300 million to affected customers, clarifying the ownership of assets in custodial wallets, was a significant milestone. This decision was a key aspect of the restructuring plan focused on investor interests, highlighting the complexity and success of the legal strategies.

Comparisons in the crypto legal landscape

The $40 million in legal fees for BlockFi’s case, while substantial, pales in comparison to the expenses incurred by Ripple Labs Inc. Ripple, another major player in the cryptocurrency field, faced legal fees amounting to $200 million in its defense against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This comparison puts BlockFi’s legal expenses into perspective and highlights the varying scales and durations of legal battles within the cryptocurrency industry. Ripple’s case, spanning almost three years, dwarfs the duration and financial scale of BlockFi’s legal proceedings, which commenced in 2022.

The BlockFi bankruptcy case, culminating in a significant payout to its legal team, underscores the intricate and costly nature of legal battles in cryptocurrency. As firms like Kirkland & Ellis and Haynes Boone secure substantial fees for their services, the case serves as a stark reminder of the financial implications of corporate legal struggles, especially in an industry as unpredictable and rapidly evolving as cryptocurrency. The legal landscape of this sector continues to be a lucrative field for law firms capable of navigating its complexities, with the BlockFi bankruptcy being the latest testament to this reality.

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