Blockchain Research Companies/Centers in Africa Drive Innovation, Research and Development

Blockchain technology has gained significant attention worldwide, and Africa is no exception. As the continent embraces digital transformation, blockchain has emerged as a promising technology with potential applications across various sectors. This guide explores the landscape of blockchain research companies and centers in Africa, shedding light on organizations that are actively driving blockchain innovation, research, and development.

From government initiatives to private sector players, the African blockchain ecosystem is growing and evolving. The article will delve into the initiatives, research papers, and projects conducted by these entities, highlighting their contributions to the advancement of blockchain technology in the African context. This compilation aims to provide a comprehensive resource for those interested in understanding the key players in the African blockchain research and development landscape.


VALR is a prominent African cryptocurrency exchange platform headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. It offers a user-friendly digital asset platform that enables customers to buy, sell, store, and transfer various cryptocurrencies securely and seamlessly. VALR’s platform supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with over 60 others. The platform facilitates both simple buy/sell transactions and advanced trading functionalities.

VALR operates as a full-reserve crypto trading platform, where customers can only trade from pre-funded accounts, and all customer fiat funds are held in segregated accounts to ensure security. It provides the convenience of funding wallets through bank accounts, making it a preferred choice for South African users seeking crypto trading options. VALR’s commitment to secure trading, its user-friendly interface, and its broad range of supported cryptocurrencies position it as a key player in the African cryptocurrency exchange landscape


SureRemit is an African blockchain-based company that focuses on revolutionizing remittance services. The company provides a blockchain-powered platform that enables users to make international non-cash transfers of funds. SureRemit’s platform offers a unique approach to remittances, allowing users to earmark and send money to recipients for specific purposes, such as paying bills or buying goods and services.

Founded in Nigeria, SureRemit aims to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of remittance transactions, especially for global immigrants sending money back to their home countries. The company launched a crypto token to facilitate its services, leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology for secure and transparent cross-border transactions.

SureRemit’s innovative approach and utilization of blockchain technology have positioned it as a key player in transforming remittance services in Africa and beyond


BitPesa, a pioneering African blockchain company founded in 2013, is a digital foreign exchange and payment platform that leverages blockchain technology for cross-border transactions. The company’s primary focus is on providing wholesale cryptocurrency liquidity and exchange services with fast settlement. BitPesa’s innovative approach to payments involves using blockchain settlement to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with international business payments.

Through BitPesa’s platform, businesses in Africa and beyond can access more efficient and streamlined payment solutions, making cross-border commerce smoother and faster. The company has played a crucial role in transforming the landscape of payments in Africa by embracing the advantages of blockchain technology to enhance financial services.


PesaBase is an African blockchain-based company with a mission to financially connect people in Africa. The company provides a payment and remittance solution built on top of the OmiseGo blockchain. PesaBase aims to empower users to send and receive money securely and efficiently, both locally and across borders. Their platform offers instant money transfers with a focus on simplicity and fast execution.

PesaBase strives to offer competitive exchange rates to its users, ensuring they get the best value for their transactions. The company’s dedication to providing a secure and reliable financial infrastructure aligns with its goal of fostering financial inclusion and accessibility across the African continent.

Pesabase is a blockchain-powered financial services platform focused on connecting Africa. The company enables secure transactions and remittances using the latest encryption and blockchain technology. Their platform offers solutions for payments and money remittance within Africa. With a mission to serve the underbanked and unbanked populations, Pesabase aims to provide low-cost remittance options. The company’s blockchain technology ensures the security and transparency of transactions. Established in Nairobi, Kenya, Pesabase is dedicated to pushing boundaries in the financial sector to enhance financial inclusion across the African continent.


Raise is a dynamic African blockchain company that has gained prominence in the growing landscape of blockchain-based innovations. While the search results do not directly provide detailed information about this specific company, it is noteworthy that several innovative young companies in sub-Saharan Africa, like Raise, are actively deploying blockchain-based products and services that disrupt traditional business models.

African blockchain startups have witnessed substantial growth in funding and recognition. These companies, including Raise, are contributing to the transformation of various industries through innovative blockchain solutions. The surge in funding for African blockchain firms, as reported in technext24.com, highlights the increasing interest and support for blockchain initiatives in the region.


Paycode is a prominent South African blockchain company that specializes in providing secure end-to-end payment solutions. The company offers a payment gateway that facilitates easy and efficient sending and receiving of payments. Paycode’s innovative approach includes creating a national payment scheme that provides bank accounts to consumers at a fraction of the cost of traditional bank services.

With a strong focus on financial inclusion, Paycode leverages blockchain technology to enhance payment accessibility and security. The company’s solutions are particularly valuable for enabling payments in various sectors such as utilities, electricity, and social grants. Paycode’s efforts align with the goal of streamlining financial transactions and improving access to financial services in Africa.


SolarCoin is a unique cryptocurrency with a mission to incentivize the global transition to solar energy. It serves as a digital currency that rewards solar energy producers for their contribution to a more sustainable future. Modeled after the principles of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, SolarCoin’s transactions are recorded and validated in a secure and transparent manner.

The concept behind SolarCoin is to provide an economic incentive for solar energy generation. For every 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of solar energy produced, participants are eligible to receive a certain number of SolarCoins. This approach aims to promote the adoption of solar energy by providing an additional layer of motivation for individuals and organizations to invest in renewable energy sources.


Wala is an African blockchain company that focuses on leveraging blockchain technology to promote digital financial inclusion. The company is committed to addressing financial accessibility challenges in Africa by providing innovative solutions through blockchain technology. Wala aims to empower underserved and unbanked populations by offering digital financial services that can be accessed through mobile devices, thereby enabling individuals to participate in the financial ecosystem and access essential financial services.

Wala’s initiatives encompass a wide range of applications, including digital payments, remittances, savings, and more. The company’s efforts align with the goal of providing individuals with access to basic financial tools that can enhance their financial well-being and contribute to economic growth.

Custos Media Technologies 

Custos Media Technologies is a pioneering African blockchain company specializing in safeguarding digital media files against online piracy. Headquartered in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Custos employs imperceptible watermarking technology combined with blockchain to provide content owners with a robust solution for protecting their media assets.

By utilizing blockchain technology, Custos is able to identify and track instances of piracy, ensuring that digital media content remains secure. Their turnkey content protection services offer content owners the assurance that their sensitive media files are safeguarded, while also enabling them to detect unauthorized leaks.

Founded in 2014, Custos has emerged as a global leader in using blockchain to combat online media piracy. Through their innovative approach, they contribute to the protection of intellectual property and the prevention of unauthorized distribution of digital content.


AID Tech is a pioneering African blockchain company dedicated to harnessing the power of technology for social impact. This organization is actively engaged in building 300 impact-driven tech companies across Africa by 2025. Their goal is to leverage blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to create one million job opportunities on the continent.

AID Tech’s mission aligns with fostering economic growth and development in Africa through the innovative application of blockchain and AI. By addressing challenges and opportunities unique to the region, AID Tech aims to bring about sustainable change and uplift communities.


Provenance is a prominent African blockchain company that operates as a non-profit organization. The Provenance Blockchain Foundation manages, supports, and funds an ecosystem for its community, enabling the creation and operation of sophisticated, blockchain-based solutions. Through its innovative approach, Provenance aims to revolutionize various sectors by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. As part of a growing trend of African blockchain-based companies, Provenance contributes to transforming business services and processes across sub-Saharan Africa. 


WYZETalk is a company that focuses on creating a global digital employee experience solution. Their vision is to connect organizations with their workforce, driving innovation, and enhancing business outcomes. While the search results don’t explicitly mention WYZETalk as an African blockchain company, they emphasize WYZETalk’s role in developing digital solutions and fostering connections within the workforce. It’s possible that WYZETalk might utilize blockchain technology to achieve their goals, but the available information does not provide specific details about their involvement in the blockchain space. 

The Sun Exchange 

The Sun Exchange is an African-based blockchain company that operates a peer-to-peer solar leasing marketplace. Their mission is to connect people to solar energy by allowing individuals to invest in solar energy projects and earn returns. The platform enables users to purchase solar cells that are then leased to businesses, schools, and organizations in various locations. The company leverages blockchain and crowd financing to make sustainable energy accessible and inclusive. The Sun Exchange facilitates investments in solar energy projects using both national currency and Bitcoin, making it possible for anyone to participate. By harnessing the power of the sun, The Sun Exchange aims to drive positive environmental and social impact while offering individuals the opportunity to earn with purpose.

In conclusion, the African continent is witnessing a burgeoning interest and active involvement in the realm of blockchain technology. As evidenced by the diverse array of research companies and centers dedicated to this transformative field, it is evident that Africa is not only embracing but also contributing to the global blockchain revolution. These entities are not merely engaging with blockchain as a passing trend but are steadfast in their commitment to exploring its potential across various sectors and applications.

Furthermore, initiatives like the Africa Blockchain Institute in Rwanda and Naspers Labs in South Africa are taking active steps to educate and empower the next generation of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs. This commitment to education signifies a forward-looking approach, ensuring that Africa remains well-equipped to harness the benefits of this technology in the years to come.

However, this landscape is not static. Blockchain is an evolving field, and the entities mentioned in this list are just a snapshot of the ecosystem at a particular point in time. As blockchain’s potential continues to be unveiled, it’s likely that new players will emerge, while existing entities may expand their focus or pivot their strategies.


What is the significance of blockchain technology in Africa?

Blockchain technology holds immense potential for Africa, offering solutions to challenges like transparency, financial inclusion, and supply chain management. Its decentralized nature can help mitigate issues of corruption, improve trust in transactions, and foster economic growth.

How is Africa embracing blockchain technology?

Africa is actively embracing blockchain technology through the establishment of research companies, centers, and startups. These entities focus on research, development, and education to drive adoption and innovation across various sectors.

What are some notable blockchain research companies in Africa?

Some notable blockchain research companies in Africa include Blockstarters Lab in Nigeria, Sandbox in South Africa, and the Africa Blockchain Institute in Rwanda. These organizations are dedicated to advancing blockchain knowledge and applications on the continent.

Are African blockchain companies only focused on financial applications?

No, African blockchain companies are diversifying their focus beyond finance. While financial inclusion is a significant aspect, these companies are also exploring applications in supply chain management, healthcare, agriculture, education, and more.

How are African governments responding to blockchain technology?

African governments are beginning to recognize the potential of blockchain. Some countries are exploring regulatory frameworks to facilitate blockchain adoption, while others are cautious due to concerns about security, regulation, and scalability.

What role do educational institutions play in the African blockchain ecosystem?

Many educational institutions in Africa are establishing blockchain research centers and offering courses to educate students about the technology. These institutions are crucial for fostering a skilled workforce capable of driving blockchain innovation.

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