Blockchain is the solution to loyalty programs says CEO of Qiibee

As the customers gain access to more and more technology, it is only natural that they will become more independent of the brands they were loyal to and it has become increasingly difficult for brands to maintain their customer satisfaction.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Qiibee, a loyalty token protocol based in Switzerland, believes that Blockchain technology can gap this bridge.

Gabriele Giancola believes that blockchain technology can help in connecting the consumers with the providers and enable the providers to deliver a variety of choices to the customers.

At the same time, a poll showed that more than half of the customers were ready to participate in a loyalty program while almost all of them stated that they were more loyal to the product now than the previous year.

Qiibee gives many companies the perfect platform and the opportunity to make their own loyalty programs on the Ethereum blockchain system while also enabling them to test them as it backs all such programs with its native token QBX.

Qiibee has been gaining momentum and is supported by many brands including a bar and restaurant chain of Germany and the second largest coffee makers of Switzerland.

Qiibee plans to work towards a new idea, it plans on rewarding the customers with loyalty tokens each time they shop with the brand. The platform also allows fluidity between different brand tokens that can be traded on Qiibee’s systems.

Distributing tokens is easy, giving them real value is the tricky job and this is the point where most loyalty programs are struggling. Qiibee hopes to fix this issue.