U.S. adds blockchain in COVID-19 critical services list

Blockchain in COVID critical services in the U S

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The inclusion of blockchain in COVID-19 critical services reflects the vitality attached to blockchain solutions. Distributed ledger technology has been identified under critical infrastructure services in the COVID-19 guidelines issued by U.S. President Donald Trump. The ‘Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’ has classified DLT as essential to curb the growing menace of COVID-1 pandemic. This means workers in the blockchain industry must keep operating generally during the pandemic.


The ‘Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers’ will have to keep operating to ensure that essential services are not hit during a pandemic. The inclusion of blockchain in COVID-19 critical services goes on to show how important it is to today’s general life.

Why include blockchain in COVID-19 critical services

The latest federal guidance on blockchain in COVID-19 critical services mentions that the staff working in crucial sectors that are vital to maintaining the important infrastructure must sustain their regular operations. These include the food supply chains, pharmacies, law and order, and healthcare workers. The CISA classified blockchain in COVD-19 critical services due to its role in the agriculture and food supply chain.

CISA released the first list of ‘Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers’ who are going to ensure community functions are not hampered during the coronavirus health emergency. These are essential to the continuity of basic services necessary for the safety of public health.

Essential services are crucial to tide over tough times

As companies implement work-from-home policies, the delivery of essential services will be streamlined effectively. Google, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook have all asked their employees to work from their homes. The vital services list will help prioritize the critical processes and improve response time to the outbreak. Apt movement of essential services staff within their respective jurisdictions will also improve.

As blockchain technology becomes crucial to the financial realm, its global dominance has increased manifold in the past few years. Whether it is the real-time settlement or powering remittances through fast cross-border payments, blockchain is now integral to many essential amenities. Blockchain in COVID-19 critical services is added since it has also become quite helpful in maintaining logistics and supply chains.

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