Blockchain based GainForest offers incentives for Amazon caretakers

Global warming is real regardless of what the big corporations may want the majority to believe; the threat is imminent. A group of good Samaritans has established a blockchain based charity organization to curb the situation in Amazon.

According to the UN data, if global forestry can be preserved, it would be the most cost-effective measure that can be adapted to cut the carbon emission across the globe by as much as one-third of the current standing.

On the other hand, global warming and deforestation are creating serious troubles for the ecosystem, affecting the job market and so on. This is where the startup GainForest comes into action.

The startup is aiming to raise funds from funders across the globe and protect different parts of Amazon by using the fund for designated volunteers looking to make a living by protecting the forestry.

These forest “caretakers” as the startup would like to call them would be responsible for their chunk of the forest and nurture it for the rewards presented by the startup. These rewards would help caretaker financially while they take care of the world.

The startup creates blockchain based smart contracts for the caretaker and the funders. Voluntary caretaking can last up to two years with the startup program.

The non-profit startup is also leveraging artificial intelligence based satellite technology to gather imagery and other important monitoring data on the forest. The AI system would also evaluate the state of the forest to inform of any discrepancies.

The startup informs on its website that more than eighty percent (80%) of deforestation comes at the hands of farmers and herders looking to make a living off of farming and cattle breeding.

This campaign would allow the small incentives to serve as an awareness mechanism that would allow the locals to take better care of the treasure they are misusing at present.

Blockchain based GainForest offers incentives for Amazon caretakers


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