Bitrefill allows cryptocurrency payment for Airbnb cards

Bitrefill is a gift card provider that are in cryptocurrency. Bitrefill first started out with providing gift cards for brands like IKEA, Amazon, eBay, and Netflix, etc. Recently Bitrefill has announced that its customers can now buy gift cards of Airbnb too. All of these gift cards can be bought using cryptocurrency. As of now, Bitrefill supports currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin.

The Airbnb gift cards are only issued to the customers in the USA, and with these gift cards, one can apply for a reservation under twenty-eight days. Bitrefill has been around for quite some time. Bitrefill has always been the priority of customers whenever they wanted to buy items. Be it tech, travel or household items, Bitrefill had it all.

Bitrefill also enables its customers to make quick and secure transactions by using mobile numbers. Bitrefill has enabled their transaction service in more than one hundred and sixty countries as of now.

Bitrefill has been expanding its range of influence very rapidly. Just last week it had come out saying that it supports Netflix subscription as well. However, this service is not yet accessible by all and only customers in Europe, or the US can access it.

Furthermore, customers can make purchases in altcoin too and because of this Bitrefill gained a lot of exposure in Germany and Germans are now using Bitrefill as well.

Thor is a new service of them which provides a Lightning Network to its users. A Lightning Network payment protocol that is used by cryptocurrencies. The set up for such a network is quite complex but worthwhile. This is where Thor comes in. Thor provided its customers with an already set up and built Lightning Network.

Right now crypto space is getting integrated into every new business, so it is beneficial that platforms like Bitrefill are dealing in crypto.

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