Bitpanda lists VeChain VET token – VeChain authentication for Chase Shiel sneakers

Bitpanda lists VeChain VET token VeChain authentication for Chase Shiel sneakers

As Bitpanda lists VeChain VET native token, Europe is all set to welcome VeChain big time. The native token of VeChain, VET, has entered the European market via Bitpanda cryptocurrency exchange. Going beyond just token listing, the exchange is offering 5,000 EUR prizes for VET users.

Bitpanda is a Europe’s leading crypto exchange and VET’s entry into the European crypto market was highly anticipated. Bitpanda lists VeChain VET in a bid to consolidate its share in Euro-zone crypto market. In another development, sneaker designer Chase Shiel of Australia has chosen to deploy VeChain technology for product authenticity verification.

Bitpanda lists VeChain VET token with EUR 3,000 prizes on offer

Bitpanda lists VeChain VET token and the official announcement on VeChain Foundation’s Twitter handle was joyous. The competition for the EUR 5,000 rewards begins September 8th.

VeChain’s native token VET is gaining momentum as the underlying projects find more implementation in various industries. Whether it is supply chain operations or authenticity verification, VeChain solutions are finding footing in numerous sectors. The video below explains how VeChain blockchain works in authenticity verification scenarios.

YouTube video
How VeChain Works – An Introduction

VeChain blockchain enters the custom sneakers industry

Product authenticity is one area where blockchain technology shines bright. From agricultural produce to supply chain operations, blockchain-powered solutions have emerged as the perfect recipe for product authentication.

Sarah Nabaa of VeChain announced the latest implementation of VeChain blockchain technology in the product authentication field. She describes how Chase Shiel, an Australia-based sneaker designer, now uses VeChain to cehck the genuineness of its custom-made products.

Chase Shiel sneakers use VeChain Pro mobile app along with NFC chips to help users identify original products. The sneaker tongues contain anNFC chip that employs VeChainThor blockchain which once scanned provides all the relevant information related to a particular sneaker.

The Chase Shiel and VeChain collaboration first came to the surface in late 2019. Mars Yard OffWhite AJ1 became the first brand’s first model to contain the NFC chips that used VeChain technology.

Gurpreet Thind

Gurpreet Thind

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