Bitfinex hack Bitcoin worth $350k on a move to unknown address

bitfinex hack bitcoin

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Bitfinex hack Bitcoin are on a move again and this time its a chunk of over thirty and a half Bitcoin (30.667BTC).

A transaction monitor for digital currency revealed about the funds that were stolen from the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex have now been shifted to some unknown wallet.

The @whale_alert is tracking serve that tracks large transactions of different cryptocurrency to or from various exchanges. The twitter-based, transaction monitor in its latest post indicated that over thirty Bitcoin worth 351,000 dollars were transferred to some unknown wallet.

The funds that have been recently transferred are part of the Bitfinex hack Bitcoin chunk that happened back in 2016 when the Bitfinex lost around one hundred and twenty thousand (120,000) Bitcoin. The Bitfinex hack Bitcoin were worth over sixty-six million dollars ($60M) then, and according to today’s rates worth a little over one billion dollars ($1.3B).

Bitfinex hack Bitcoin recovered

Although, a greater portion of the stolen Bitcoin are still missing. However, the transaction monitor has successfully detected the movement of some of the stolen funds no and then, as, the associated addresses with the exchange Bitfinex are known publicly. However, the owner of these addresses is still unknown.

Up till now, the biggest portion of the stolen Bitcoin that was detected by @whale_alert was on June 2019. The transaction monitor revealed about five transactions that were a total of over one hundred and seventy-two (172.54) Bitcoin worth a little over one (1.37) million dollars then, those Bitcoin were shifted from the wallet of the hacker to some unknown address.

Lastly, according to Bitfinex’s blog, only a little over twenty-seven and a half (27.7) Bitcoin. That is a small percentage of the stolen funds that have been retrieved, that too were recovered by the US authorities back in February.

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