Bitcoin vs Altcoins debate is heating up again in 2020

Bitcoin vs Altcoins debate is heating up

The Bitcoin vs Altcoins debate is heating up once again since the king of cryptocurrency is dominating the market by a long margin.

On the one hand, the market share of the king of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has doubled from 33 percent lows, thereby keeping its dominance in the cryptocurrency market intact. While, on the other hand, various altcoins have lost their strength due to the funding points and absolute lack of public curiosity.

However, thousands of Altcoins stay cumulatively worth hundreds and thousands while promising to become the next Bitcoin.

Whilst in response to Max Keiser, of ‘Keiser Report’ and one of the earliest BTC bulls stated that these Altcoins do not have any innate value.

Bitcoin may be more robust than Altcoins

In the latest interview with London Actual, Max Keiser seemingly doubled down on his deep-rooted sentiment on Bitcoin vs Altcoins that they supplied barely any value over Bitcoin.

To put Keiser’s opinion on Bitcoin vs Altcoins to rest here is his response while answering the interviewer, Brian Rose. Answering the question, whether or not there exists a cryptocurrency that is “complementary to Bitcoin,” Keiser replied with a flat No.

Moreover, he stated that no crypto coin could do something which has not already been accomplished by Bitcoin or would be able to do in a short while.

He added that the safety of the Bitcoin majority of hash energy and a huge share in the crypto market makes Bitcoin a better wager than any altcoin.


Bitcoin vs Altcoins a wide sentiment

Keiser is not the only one touting this sentiment of altcoins being pale as compared to Bitcoin, irrespective of the technical developments and the billions of dollars of funding.

Moreover, in the Bitcoin vs Altoincs debate Kevin Rose, the co-founder of Digg, a digital media website lately advised TechCrunch and stated that approximately 99 percent of the projects have people who are only after financial gains; moreover, there is a lot of garbage also. This whole situation creates an unfortunate scenario as it drags the high-quality projects down, and it pollutes the space.

Aroosa Nadeem

Aroosa Nadeem

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