Bitcoin Scam: A fake website linked to Elon Musk misleads users

Bitcoin Scam

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TL;DR Breakdown

• Elon Musk’s Starlink has a fake website in Iran.
• The Bitcoin scams are increasing with virtual market regularizations.

A new fraudulent website named Starlink reaches the eyes of cryptocurrency investors. The fake website is similar to starlinkiran.com. However, although they appear similar, the language used by the fraudulent website is Persian, while the official one is in English.

Hackers use Elon Musk’s image for a Bitcoin scam

Bitcoin Scam

Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has created controversy over crypto and has many fans. This fame is attributed to his posts about Bitcoin and the crypto meme Dogecoin. However, many Bitcoin scam systems use the Musk image to attract victims.

The American satellite company Starlink where Musk operates with SpaceX has been affected by these crypto scams. The fraudulent service offers fast internet connection options to users in the Iranian region. There is even the “Beta” alternative so that interested people can have it.

Not only is the distinct writing indicative of a scam, but it also asks for a subscription so users can buy tokens. After payment, users must answer personal questions for the service information to be released.

If the user compares the fraudulent website with the official one, he will notice that the process is very different. Even Starlink allows you to cancel the service with TDC when the whole process is complete.

Another thing that differentiates the Bitcoin scam from the legitimate satellite company is the cost of the service. The fake website asks for $30 per month, while the official Starlink asks for $99. Musk’s company has discount plans for bulk payments.

Cryptocurrency scams on the rise

The Bitcoin scams are intensifying as many countries in the world approve of the crypto market. This is the first time that the Tesla director has been affected by this problem.

But the fight for money laundering and illicit businesses with cryptocurrencies continues to be a problem in the USA. The Securities and Exchange Commission tries to regulate cryptocurrencies to display a more secure financial schematics. However, they have not yet succeeded, and active investors repudiate their moves.

Interested people who want to operate in the virtual market should be on the lookout for scammers. A few days ago, over 100 fraudulent crypto Apps were found; 20 were on the Play Store. The investor must do everything possible to join the safe crypto market, verify that the company he wants to operate with is real.

Elon Musk has not spoken out on this problem that involves his internet company.

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