Bitcoin is popular on world map; here are the top destinations

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The popularity and growth of Bitcoin have escalated massively worldwide since the birth of the digital currency in 2009. The benefits of its usage are endless. It is widely accessible even on bank holidays, no user data has to be shared online, the risk of fraud and identity theft is negligible, and it makes international payments relatively smooth.

Without further ado we give you the top cities in the world for Bitcoin usage:

Los Angeles, USA: The entertainment capital currently boasts the highest number of bitcoin users, with over eight-hundred (800) businesses accepting Bitcoins and forty-five (45) bitcoin meetups every year.

New York, USA: The metropolitan city launched a venture known as BitLicense to establish the currency. With around one hundred and thirty-one (131) ATMs, one hundred and sixteen (116) meetups and five-hundred (500) businesses that accept BTC payments, Bitcoin is definitely here to stay.

San Francisco, USA: The city is known for venturing in the latest tech available. With over one hundred and eleven (111) avenues that accept BTC and online Bitcoin stores, this city ranks 3rd in our list.

London, UK: The capital has over 134 ATMs and 104 businesses that accept bitcoin. However, the government will make it necessary for Bitcoin merchants to express their identities to ensure avid security for its users.

Madrid, Spain: The capital boasts the ninety-seven (97) avenues that accept BTC, including restaurants and stores. Singularity X is also promoting BTC with television advertising.

Vancouver, Canada: With eighty-six (86) merchants and seventy-six (76) ATMs, bitcoin can be used at stores, coffee shops, and malls.

Vienna, Austria: Boasts the first bitcoin bank in the world. With easy access and security, it has maintained a stable popularity.

Berlin, Germany: Dubbed as the Bitcoin Capital, BTC payments are accepted to pay for holidays, food, real estate, and even university fees.

Prague, Czech: Holds the honor uses to use one of the largest population of bitcoin sellers and many small-scale as well as rural setups accepting BTC.

Bueno Aires, Argentina: Houses over one hundred and thirty (130) merchants, eight (8) ATMs and is BTC is currently thriving in this unstable economy.

Teja Pagidimari

Teja Pagidimari

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