Bitcoin investor escapes armed attack to drain crypto wallets

A millionaire Bitcoin investor has had a narrow escape from an armed robber looking to void him of his cryptocurrency assets, Norwegian media reports.

In an unusual alleged robbery attempt; a man, driven insane by his lust for wealth, bludgeoned into the apartment of a millionaire Bitcoin investor. The apprehender was armed with a short-barrelled shotgun when he invaded the victim’s accommodation in Oslo, Norway.

When mortally threatened to lie down at gun-point, the victim thought it wise to jump out to the balcony and onto the street rather than negotiating with this insane soul. The news does not mention the consequence of the fall but does mention the subsequent capture of the attacker.

The victim is believed to have a vivid sense of self-conceit for being the owner of millions in cryptocurrency. Not only that, but his ten-year experience in the crypto-industry rendered him incapable of keeping his financial status private.

This, along with the continual brags regarding his Bitcoin (BTC) savings, made him a susceptible target of the armed robbery. The attempt was intended to extract the information to his cryptocurrency wallets in order to liquidate them for his own benefit.

The caught victim is under custody, and the matter is said to be brought in front of the judiciary on the 17th and 18th of October.

What does the Bitcoin investor teach us?

Although it may seem harmless to most of us to blow one’s own trumpet regarding savings in our crypto-wallets, a little modesty never hurts anybody.

As the world inches closer towards converting everything tangible, it owns into cryptic possession of the internet, people who tend to steal it from us adapt and learn innovative ways as well. Thus, the assumption of safety is naivety on our behalf. We should not turn ourselves into attainable targets.

Even though the Norwegian millionaire Bitcoin investor has escaped a close death-adventure with all his possession still intact, not everyone can expect to be as lucky. Hence, modesty and safety should be our motto.

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Alden Baldwin

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