Bitcoin costs cheaper than Credit Cards: Canadian Mayor

Canadian Mayor of Innisfil Lynn Dollin proposed the idea of using bitcoin to pay for property taxes. The benefit of this would be that the transactions’ cost would be much lesser than the credit card cost.

This is the first initiative to be taken by anyone in Canada in this regard. Dollin is determined that this step would allow Ontario to be a technical hub by attracting the investors from all spheres and it will strengthen the economy of this area.

She said that she has certain reservations regarding the bitcoin as this is so far not yet regulated systematically and is a new currency but, by adopting strict measures those risk factors can be eliminated.

Colorado Governor Supports the Bitcoin Entrepreneurs:

Colorado Governor is making efforts to make cryptocurrency easy to use for everyone and to exclude it from all the security laws and for that purpose he has signed the Digital Token Act.

Moreover, he wants to make the environment of Colorado conducive for entrepreneurs to open blockchain and to promote the crypto-friendly system.

Mainstreaming Bitcoin has been slow:

As there is still ignorance among the general public about the bitcoin usage and also they have certain reservations about its utility, so due to this mental hindrance the adoption of bitcoin is a slow process.

Before the introduction of Bitcoin, the need is to educate people and counsel them regarding this new segment. The dilemma is that the general public is not aware of the benefits of bitcoin, the process can speed up only by educating the masses and proper counseling as proposed by the founder of Lightning Power Users.