Binance Launchpool, potential candidates for upcoming Altcoin projects

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  • Binance Launchpool preps new altcoin projects; Layergg lists candidates based on token launches, airdrops, and Binance Labs ties.
  • Projects like Xterio, Polyhedra Network, and The SkyArk Chronicles plan events like rewards, airdrops, and NFT minting to engage users.
  • Binance’s CEO hints at more 2024 LaunchPool projects, with more projects tied to Binance Labs, NFTs, and airdrops in focus.

Binance Launchpool continues to be a hotbed of activity in the cryptocurrency space, with numerous altcoin projects vying for a spot on this coveted platform. Layergg, a cryptocurrency analysis company, has recently compiled a list of potential candidates for upcoming Binance Launchpool projects. 

These projects have been evaluated based on certain criteria, including token launches, airdrops, and their association with Binance Labs. In this article, we look closely at some of these potential candidates.

Xterio: Rewarding overworld NFT owners with XTER tokens

Xterio has emerged as a promising contender for a Binance Launchpool project. The ecosystem of Xterio revolves around Overworld NFTs, and it has plans to reward its NFT owners with XTER tokens. This development has caught the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as it promises to provide added value to NFT holders.

Polyhedra Network is making waves with its ongoing token airdrop event on OKX Web3 Cryptopedia S11. This strategic move aims to raise awareness about the project and attract a wider audience. Airdrops have historically been an effective way to distribute tokens and create interest in cryptocurrency projects.

The SkyArk Chronicles is gearing up for a significant event in its development journey – the Genesis NFT mint event. NFTs have gained immense popularity recently, and projects like The SkyArk Chronicles are leveraging this trend to engage their community and expand their reach.

Kinza Finans: Launch of KZA point farming application

Kinza Finans has taken a unique approach by launching the KZA Point Farming application. This application allows users to earn rewards by participating actively in the Kinza Finans ecosystem. Point farming applications have been a successful strategy for incentivizing user engagement.

In a similar vein, KiloEx has introduced an airdrop points farm application. Airdrops are a well-established method of distributing tokens to a broader audience, and KiloEx aims to capitalize on this strategy to bolster its community and project adoption.

QnA3.AI has embarked on its journey by initiating a credits farm event. This event rewards users for participating and contributing to the project. Credits farming is a concept that aligns with the broader DeFi (Decentralized Finance) movement, which has gained significant traction in the crypto space.

Gomble Games has hit the ground running with the commencement of Airdrop Season 1. Airdrop seasons have become popular for projects to engage their community and distribute tokens. This move indicates Gomble Games’ commitment to building a strong and supportive user base.

Web3Go: First Airdrop round set for February

Web3Go is gearing up for its first airdrop round, which is scheduled in February. Airdrops are often highly anticipated events in the crypto community, as they offer participants the chance to obtain tokens for free. Web3Go’s entry into the Binance Launchpool ecosystem is expected to generate considerable interest.

Heroes of Mavia has exciting plans for its community with the upcoming MAVIA Token Airdrop. Airdrops have effectively raised awareness and attracted new users to cryptocurrency projects.

MyShell has initiated a score farm event as part of its strategy to engage users and incentivize their participation. The world of decentralized finance is rife with opportunities for users to earn rewards by actively contributing to the ecosystem, and MyShell is no exception.

Binance’s new CEO hints at more LaunchPool projects in 2024

In a recent development, Binance’s new CEO, Richard Teng, has hinted at the possibility of more LaunchPool projects in 2024. This announcement is a testament to the growing popularity and success of Binance Launchpool as a platform for cryptocurrency projects. Investors and enthusiasts can look forward to a dynamic year ahead with potentially lucrative opportunities.

An interesting trend identified by Layergg is the increasing association of Binance Labs with LaunchPool projects. A significant 66 percent of the listed projects on LaunchPool have some form of investment or association with Binance Labs. This showcases Binance Labs’ commitment to nurturing and supporting innovative blockchain projects.

NFTs and Airdrops remain prominent

Another noteworthy observation is that a substantial 66 percent of LaunchPool projects have either issued NFTs or conducted airdrops to NFT holders. NFTs continue to be a driving force in cryptocurrency, and projects are leveraging this trend to engage their communities effectively.

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