Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken adapt new venture capital tactics amid crypto market changes

Richard Teng emerges as top candidate for Binance CEO role amid regulatory challenges

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  • Binance Labs now focuses on supporting startups with actual products and revenue, moving away from projects based solely on hype.
  • Coinbase Ventures is shifting its investment focus towards startups outside the United States, particularly in India, Singapore, Australia, and the UK.
  • Kraken Ventures observes that early-stage companies have valuations of about $10 million to $30 million, indicating sustained interest in new ventures despite broader market changes.

Key players like Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, and Kraken Ventures are recalibrating their investment strategies in response to evolving market conditions, according to a Bloomberg report. This shift is characterized by a focus on sustainable investments and geographical diversification.

Binance Labs emphasizes real products and revenue

Binance Labs, the venture arm of Binance Holdings Ltd., is adapting its approach in the volatile crypto market. Under the guidance of Dana Hou, who oversees business strategy and operations, Binance Labs is now prioritizing startups with actual products and revenue over those generating mere market hype. This change follows various challenges the crypto industry faces, including the fallout of previously hyped projects. Hou highlights the importance of this strategic shift, noting that Binance Labs is actively seeking founders committed to long-term industry growth. Despite recent layoffs at Binance, Binance Labs’ team remains stable, continuing to grow and diversify its investment portfolio.

Coinbase Ventures expands global reach

Coinbase Ventures, the venture capital arm of Coinbase Global Inc., is shifting its focus to international markets. Hoolie Tejwani, the director of corporate development and ventures at Coinbase, notes a growing interest in startups outside the United States. Regulatory scrutiny in the U.S. has led to this strategic pivot, with regions like India, Singapore, Australia, and the UK becoming key areas of interest. Despite a general slowdown in investment activities, Coinbase Ventures has maintained an active investment stance, with over 50 investments across 15 countries in the past year.

Kraken Ventures: Diverse investment and valuation trends

Kraken Ventures, associated with the crypto exchange Kraken, is observing varied valuation trends across different stages of startups. Brandon Gath, managing partner at Kraken Ventures, reports that while valuations for early-stage companies remain around $10 million to $30 million, later-stage companies are experiencing significant declines. This observation indicates a continued interest in early-stage ventures, with a more cautious approach towards more mature companies. Kraken Ventures maintains a balanced investment portfolio, with approximately 40% of its startups based in the U.S., 40% in Europe, and the remaining 20% in other global regions.

Adaptation in the face of market realities

These strategic adjustments by Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, and Kraken Ventures highlight a broader trend in the crypto venture capital sector. Amid a challenging market environment, these firms are adapting their approaches to ensure sustainable investments and explore new opportunities in global markets. The focus on startups with real products and revenue, alongside geographical diversification, marks a significant shift in the investment landscape of the crypto world.

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