Beyond Vision and Universities Partner to Bridge Technological Divide in Nigeria


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  • The REMARKABLE project bridges the tech divide in rural Nigeria.
  • Beyond Vision partners with universities for UAV and AI education.
  • The initiative empowers students in advanced UAV and AI technologies.

Beyond Vision, a prominent drone manufacturing company has announced the launch of the Rural Environmental Monitoring via ultra wide-area Networks And distributed federated Learning (REMARKABLE) project. This initiative marks a significant effort to address the technological disparities between urban and rural areas in Nigeria, aiming to provide equitable technological access across diverse environments.

The REMARKABLE project is a collaborative effort involving European academic partners, corporate entities, and African academic groups. It is designed as a response to the often overlooked needs of rural areas in the rapidly advancing fields of IoT and data analytics. While urban centers continue to benefit from technological progress, rural communities frequently remain behind, deepening the digital divide.

Strategic partnerships for technological empowerment

Beyond Vision is teaming up with Summit University, Offa (SUN, Offa), and the Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA) in this venture. The company brings to the table its expertise in advanced AI algorithms and a revolutionary Cloud UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) management platform. The collaboration aims to harness the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning (ML) technologies, enhancing system accessibility while ensuring energy efficiency and robust security measures.

Educational workshops and capacity building

As a part of this initiative, Beyond Vision organized two workshops in November 2023. The first, held at the Research and Innovation Unit of Summit University, Offa, was themed ‘Unlocking the Future: Advanced UAV Technologies.’ The second took place at the NCC Computer Centre, Main Campus, FUTMINNA, Niger State, focusing on “Unlocking the Future with the Convergence of AI and Drones Technology.” These workshops emphasized the institutions’ commitment to pioneering technology and provided students with valuable insights into the technological disparities between urban and rural environments.

Student engagement and gratitude

Participants of the workshops expressed their gratitude, highlighting the unique opportunity to engage with transformative technologies like IoT and machine learning. The workshops served as an eye-opener to the growing digital divide and equipped students with essential knowledge in the field.

The workshops were just the beginning of a series of initiatives aimed at empowering students and professionals with specialized knowledge in UAV technology, AI integration, and IoT applications. Beyond Vision and the academic institutions plan to offer comprehensive training modules, designed by experts from Beyond Vision and faculty members from the universities. These programs will equip participants with practical skills and validate their expertise, preparing a new generation of tech-savvy individuals to lead innovation in the realms of unmanned aerial vehicles and advanced technology.

This strategic initiative by Beyond Vision and its academic partners signifies a strong commitment to technological advancements and inclusive access. The REMARKABLE project stands as a beacon of hope, pushing the boundaries of UAV innovation and lighting the way for inclusive technological advancement in Nigeria. Through these collaborative efforts, Beyond Vision and its partners are set to propel transformative technology to new heights, ensuring that no community is left behind in the digital era.

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