Beware of alleged Ledger Secure malware: Users at risk

Beware of alleged Ledger Secure malware stealing crypto from users

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Twitterati @BTCSchellingPt reported an alleged Chrome Extension Ledger Secure malware that puts users at risk.

The user reveals that the app was not a product of  ‘Ledger‘, a famous hardware wallet, and had already attacked one unsuspecting user.

Ledger Secure malware…?

According to the user, this extension is a scam that imitates a Ledger product to steal the crypto assets of users from their Ledger wallets. He stated that the malware used sends users’ seed phrases to its creator allowing them to access assets held on their Ledger wallets. He also revealed that the scam had already affected one user.

The account titled WizardofAus revealed that through Ledger Secure malware extension a user @hackedzec lost 600 Zcash coins. The sum is worth around 16,000 dollars at the current trading price.

This was supported by Ledger Support’s Twitter account that confirmed ‘Ledger Secure’ contained malware and was trying to phish users. The team warned Ledger users from using the extension and highlighted that the application was not a legit Ledger product.

They advised users to report the app at Chrome’s webstore and asked users to avoid the product. They also told users to contact their support in case they have already installed the application.

WizardofAus advised his followers to be ‘very careful’ regarding the applications installed especially if their system holds access to their funds. He advised crypto traders to use a “separate minimal machine – or Virtual Machine” to conduct their crypto activity.

Phishing scams are common and users need to remain vigilant while installing applications that deal with their finances. They need to confirm whether the product is coming from the official vendor.

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