Betswap.gg Review: Is $BSGG A Good Investment?

Betswap.gg stands out as a pioneer in the crypto gaming space, offering a platform where users can bet peer-to-peer on sports, eSports, and fantasy sports events without losing control of their funds. The gaming platform has been recognized for its innovation and user-centric approach, being ranked as the Best Web3 Sports Betting Site by dApp Radar in December 2022. This recognition came during the FIFA World Cup 2022, underlining Betswap’s position as a leading choice for those dedicated to Web3 sports betting.

Betswap Casino has successfully integrated Blockchain and Crypto technologies to enhance its online gaming. They demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all players on the Web in an ecosystem based on Web 2.0.

The Casino uses decentralized FinTech Protocols to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions. This method ensures that only the player manages their funds and minimizes risks relating to theft and losses. Moreover, a significant efficiency of transactions has been demonstrated.

The Online Sports Betting market worldwide is anticipated to achieve a revenue of US$49.96bn by the year 2024. This projection indicates an annual growth rate of 7.68% (CAGR 2024-2028), resulting in a market volume of US$67.17bn by 2028. The number of users in this market is expected to reach 181.9m users by 2028.

Online Sports Betting – Global I Statista Market Forecast

As brands see the opportunity to reach a wider market, they have been investing massively into eSports, contributing to tremendous market growth. Consider being at the forefront when this industry explodes in 2024.

How do you earn from the Betswap.gg ecosystem?

Earning opportunities within the Betswap.gg environment includes access through various methods:

  1. Engaging in Betting: As a user of Betswap.gg, you can engage in peer-to-peer betting on a variety of sports and casino games. The platform allows the use of cryptocurrencies for placing bets. Your potential earnings are dependent on the outcomes of the bets you make.
  2. Staking BSGG Tokens: The platform’s native cryptocurrency, BSGG, offers staking options. By purchasing and staking these tokens, you contribute to the platform’s liquidity and, in return, receive a portion of the platform’s earnings as rewards.
  3. Holding BSGG Tokens: Possessing BSGG tokens in your digital wallet can qualify you for additional benefits. The integrated staking system of Betswap.gg enhances the potential advantages of holding these tokens.
  4. Investing in the Global Liquidity Pool: Betswap.gg also presents the option to invest in its global liquidity pool. This investment can yield earnings as a part of the overall Betswap.gg ecosystem.

How the Betswap.gg revenue stream works

Betswap.gg, a decentralized peer-to-peer sports betting exchange, employs a unique revenue model that leverages blockchain technology. The details about its revenue stream are not explicitly detailed in the provided search results, but based on the nature of similar platforms, we can infer some likely revenue streams:

1. Platform Fees for Transaction

  • Betting Transactions: Betswap.gg, being a betting platform, likely earns revenue through transaction fees charged on bets placed by users. This fee could be a percentage of the bet amount or a fixed fee per transaction.
  • Staking and Rewards: The platform also offers staking of its BSGG tokens, which might involve fees either during staking, unstaking, or as a part of the reward distribution process​​​​​​.

2. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Integration

  • Yield from DeFi Activities: By integrating DeFi elements, Betswap.gg might generate revenue through yield farming or other DeFi protocols where user funds or pooled liquidity is utilized to earn returns.
  • Liquidity Pool Fees: If Betswap.gg operates liquidity pools, fees from these pools, such as swap fees between different tokens, could be another revenue stream.

3. Advertising and Promotions

  • Keyword Staking for Ads: Platforms like Betswap.gg may offer advertising opportunities where users stake tokens against certain keywords, generating revenue for the platform from these staking activities.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Partnerships with other entities, like the one with Oddin.gg, might include promotional activities that generate revenue through sponsored events or co-branded betting opportunities​​​​​​.

4. Commission on Winnings

  • Betting Pool Management: The platform might take a small commission from the winnings before they are distributed to the winners. This is a common revenue model in betting platforms.

5. Advanced Features and Services

  • Premium Services: Betswap.gg might offer advanced betting features, analytics, or other premium services for a fee.

6. Token Appreciation

  • BSGG Token Economy: The value appreciation of their native BSGG token can also indirectly contribute to the platform’s revenue, especially if they hold a reserve of these tokens.

While the specifics of Betswap.gg’s revenue model might not be fully disclosed in the public domain, the revenue likely combines elements of transaction fees, DeFi integration, advertising, commission on winnings, premium services, and token economics to create a diverse revenue stream.

The backbone for predicting outcomes and analysing sports betting trends is undoubtedly data analytics. Analysts can identify patterns and trends by harnessing the various datasets produced by a sports match. This helps punters make more accurate and informed predictions about potential outcomes.

By considering different variables, such as team dynamics and individual player performance, predictive modeling refines the odds-setting process. This not only benefits sportsbooks in maintaining balanced books, but also provides bettors with more precise information for making strategic wagers.

How Betswap.gg acts as a sports betting marketplace

Betswap.gg operates as a complete decentralized sports trading and content marketplace with several key features:

  1. Peer-to-Peer Betting: Users can bet peer-to-peer on sports or casino games using cryptocurrencies, maintaining full control over their funds.
  2. Role Flexibility: Participants have the flexibility to act either as a bettor or a bookmaker, leveraging the decentralized platform to engage in betting activities.
  3. Decentralized Betting Exchange: As a decentralized betting exchange, Betswap.gg connects bettors and bookmakers via an order book, avoiding the creation of a house advantage typically seen in traditional betting platforms​.
  4. Web3 Integration: Recognized as a leading Web3 sports betting site, Betswap.gg harnesses the benefits of blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions.
  5. Commission and Reinvestment: The platform charges a 1.5% commission on transactions, which is then reinvested into the platform for its continuous development and maintenance​.
  6. Marketplace Dynamics: Sellers manage the pricing of their bets, while buyers can browse the marketplace for bets no longer offered by traditional sportsbooks​.

BSGG Past Price Analysis

The live Betswap.gg token price today is USD 0.001794 with a 24-hour trading volume of $192,322 USD. BSGG is up 0.79% in the last 24 hours. This recent surge in price is reflected in its trading volume, which stands at $242,140 USD for the same period. Despite this notable rise, Betswap.gg is currently ranked #2864 on CoinMarketCap, indicating it is still relatively low in terms of market capitalization compared to other cryptocurrencies.

There is a maximum token supply limit of 10,000,000,000 BSGG coins. 

BSGG Price Prediction (2024 – 2033)

Betswap.gg, BSGG could hit $0.0028 in 2024 or higher depending on the growing attraction to sports betting and the consequent growth of the market. Betswap.gg’s previous All-Time High was on 12 January 2022 when BSGG was priced at $0.17.

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Integration of BSGG in Esports

BSGG token has been integrated into Esports betting, enhancing the user experience. The partnership with renowned organizations allows users to use BSGG tokens to place bets on various virtual gaming events and tournaments. This integration not only simplifies the betting process, but also adds an element of familiarity for crypto enthusiasts.  

Xbets.inc is an online sportsbook, takes a $10000 bet from its Punters, and keeps $7000 on its books, and passes $3000 to Betswap.gg. $3000 bet on Betswap.gg is taken by other online sportsbooks companies such as Ybets.inc ($1500), Zbet.inc ($1000) & Punters like Tony Starks ($200), Peter Parker ($200) & Nick Fury ($100).

Market sentiment, especially in the cryptocurrency sector, plays a significant role in this variability. As player preferences and digital currency values fluctuate, the offerings and popularity of sports betting are likely to reflect these changes. This dynamic landscape presents both challenges and opportunities for platforms, as they adapt to meet the evolving demands of a diverse and tech-savvy user base.

Projected Advantages of Betswap.gg

  • Peer-to-peer sports trading exchange on blockchain
  • Instant settlement via blockchain
  • No restrictions, and anyone from anywhere can be a user
  • Anonymity of users (DEX only recognizes the player through their wallet. Does not require additional KYC or similar)
  • Crypto (Stablecoins) as payment for wagering
  • Truly decentralized & controlled by governance token holder (DAO)
  • Powered by Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom blockchains
  • Fair & competitive odds


The increasing popularity of mobile gaming and Esports, as well as the rise of streaming platforms, has driven the growth of the gaming industry in recent years. The BSGG token presents an intriguing investment opportunity in the evolving world of blockchain-based sports betting.

The Betswap.gg peer-to-peer betting platform allows users to bet on sports and casino events using cryptocurrencies. Its integration across multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Avalanche, and Fantom, combined with its role in governance and staking, adds to its appeal. 

The optimistic long-term price predictions, reaching potentially $2.25 by 2040 and even $2.75 by 2050, reflect strong market confidence. However, investors should approach with caution due to the inherent risks and volatility in the cryptocurrency market, and the fact that these predictions are speculative and subject to various external factors.

Do you want to play at the Betswap Casino? You may check out this tutorial video.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.


When was Betswap.gg launched?

Betswap.gg's decentralized betting exchange testnet was launched on February 2, 2022

How will Betswap revolutionize the betting ecosystem?

Betswap.gg introduces a trustless and permissionless betting experience using Web 3.0 technology. It offers betting on thousands of sports and e-sports events, providing a platform for peer-to-peer betting using cryptocurrency without losing control of funds.

What's the current price of $BSGG?

As of the latest available information, the price of Betswap.gg ($BSGG) was $0.003433 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $245,206 USD. However, please note that cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile and can change rapidly.

Should you invest in BSGG?

Investing in cryptocurrencies, including $BSGG, carries risks and should be approached with caution. Factors such as market volatility, the project's potential, and personal investment goals should be considered. It's recommended to conduct thorough research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Is Betswap.gg a Scam or legit?

Betswap is a completely legitimate platform, backed by a reputable company called BSGG Labs N.V. This company holds a valid license from Curacao.

How profitable are online games?

On average, gaming companies generate a profit of around 21% of their total revenue. This shows the industry's ability to monetize its products effectively, especially through the freemium model and micro-transactions.

Is gaming a profitable business?

The gaming industry generates more revenue than filmed entertainment and music industry combined. The global gaming industry growth is projected to hit $545.98 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 13.20%.

Is sports betting a profitable venture for long-time bettors?

It's essential to approach sports betting with caution and to never bet more than you can afford to lose. Additionally, it's important to be aware of the legal and ethical considerations surrounding sports betting in your location.

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