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BestChange is a free online service created to aid searching for exchange, online banking, and money transfer services with profitable exchange rates. Users can compare rates from several exchangers and select the better option. BestChange features a calculator used to calculate the total cost of a transaction. It provides users with detailed statistics on changes in exchange rates for a day, week, month, or year.

Avoiding Exchange Scams

BestChange offers an extensive choice of assets and payment systems, making it possible to perform transactions with any exchanger. The over 250 exchangers listed in BestChange have undergone rigorous testing parameters. However, there are hundreds of others across the internet with unverified operations. Inexperienced users can fall prey and get scammed of their currency.

Several scenarios can help identify these exchangers. Some exchangers will ask you to send payments to anonymous wallets and disappear after. Some set too high rates and take significantly more than the stated commission. Some promise users that they would earn on currency exchange, using an insignificant difference of rates in different payment systems, but users get scammed.

Others create a website that resembles a popular exchanger with a similar name. However, the BestChange monitor can guard users’ interests. BestChange has been in existence since 2007, gathering concise data about exchangers and tracking their rates across all payment directions. 

BestChange Monitor

The launch of the monitors eased the selection of profitable offers among exchangers. BestChange pools all the market offers in one place and automatically compares them. The monitor is very easy to use, requiring no registration or verification. It can be used to sort exchangers by specific parameters, including by location, exchange rates, etc.

BestChange implemented stringent policies to add services to its monitor, ensuring its users are safe and their funds secure. These policies include the period of successful work, the website’s status, total reserves, protected HTTPS network, contacts, and originality. Every listing request is vetted thoroughly and manually. Users are advised to conduct in-depth analysis before transacting with an exchanger.

The profitability of an exchange is affected by the commission, rate, payment direction, discounts, promotions, and bonuses. Some crypto exchanges have a convenient tool for transferring assets among users, including outside the exchange. These are special codes with a certain amount of cryptocurrency that another user can activate to receive this cryptocurrency to their account. Some exchangers allow the trading of exchange codes of EXMO, Cryptex, and other platforms.

Digital assets can be traded using different means, including wallets, trading exchanges, payment networks, and P2P platforms. However, exchangers offer fast and profitable exchanges. The BestChange monitor makes it easy to track every rate and reserve, enabling anonymity and speed. Also, it features a discount system and an affiliate program where users can earn for referring people.

The advent of digital assets has increased the demand for exchangers, as cryptocurrency directions have become very popular. According to BestChange statistics, users exchange Bitcoin for Visa/MasterCard USD and vice versa.

Tools on BestChange

BestChange features different tools that can help make the website easy to use and beneficial. These tools include notification, double exchange, and currency converter. The double exchange allows users to use two exchange directions when there are no exchangers for a required direction. This tool will provide users with a more lucrative result. An example involves first exchanging BTC to USDT and then USDT to Visa/MasterCard rather than the direct exchange of Bitcoin to Visa/MasterCard USD.

Notification allows users to be notified via email or Telegram when an offer meets their set exchange rate, available reserves, and the term of order annulment. Notification allows users to trust observing rates to automated systems.

The currency converter helps users compare fiat currencies and digital assets with each other. Users can use it to know the exact exchange rate without performing the transaction. Also, BestChange has the best bitcoin faucet that requires no registration on the website. All that is needed is a Bitcoin address that cannot be changed once set. Users can also earn via the referral program the platform.

BestChange monitor has additional options like an inverse exchange, save, discrepancy, history, and settings that users can explore to optimize the system. In choosing a suitable exchanger, users must consider the exchanger’s account minimal limits, reserves, client’s requirements, reputation, etc. Users must also consider the duration of work and the number of positive reviews the exchanger has received. Additionally, they must consider the payment mode in the exchanger and the dynamics of their demand. Also, users must consider the exchanger’s rating in payment systems (WebMoney, Perfect Money, etc.) and their website’s rating on MyWOT.

BestChange allows rate comparison from different exchangers and aids a double exchange if a direct exchange is unavailable. It monitors the status of the exchangers, giving users the chance to leave feedback about exchangers to prevent the risk of fraud.

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