Best Platform wWith The State Of The Art Technology: Comparative Survey

Aurix is the world’s first crypto exchange to provide up to 90% cashback during transactions. It is becoming everyone’s favorite because of the superior technology the company uses and its reward tactics. As it has some unique features and strategies to deal with transactions and trading, it can  influence and motivate people to get themselves more involved in the crypto world.

The entire Aurix Ecosystem  serves as the complete solution to all users’ needs. It offers the highest security, fastest speed, and the most exciting surprises and rewards.

Aurix Ecosystem: Why is it ahead of all?

It is vital to understand the things that make Aurix ahead of all the others in the crypto market. 

Parameter of comparisonAurix ecosystemOthers in the market
BlockchainAurix chain is designed by adhering to the highest security principles and technologies. It uses the DeFi system, which will complete transactions and deliver cashback in time, even if Aurix ceases for  any reason.Most of the crypto exchanges use a loose blockchain and do not have security as their priority. They claim to be using the DeFi system, in which  most of the time is found to be false by the experts and researchers.
TokenAurix token (AUR) is one of the most secure tokens existing in the market. It has intensively high volatility. The unique thing is that the more AUR a user holds, the more cashback, surprises, and rewards they receive.Other tokens in the market are highly risky for you to invest  on. Sometimes, these tokens have very low liquidity, which slows down the cash conversion rate. There is no concept of rewards and cashback in other systems.
Plug-inAurix plug-in is a unique solution for eCommerce and other businesses to accept payments in crypto. These unique shop plug-ins can fit in almost every system.Most of the competitors in the market do not have a special element for eCommerce to accept payment in crypto, which makes it very difficult for users to shop online using crypto.
Cashbacks and rewardsAurix is the first crypto exchange in the world that offers legitimate cashback of up to 90%. These exciting offers and rewards bring more users to the system.There is zero or a very minimal amount of rewards or cashback offered to the clients on other platforms.

Time to switch to a better trading platform, and start investing 

If you are not investing correctly, you are lagging behind every single day. If you are investing, but with a non-secure crypto exchange, you are in an even worse condition because you are risking yourself financially. It is very urgent to understand the need for a powerful and safe crypto exchange like Aurix. This crypto exchange not only promises, but also fulfills them brilliantly by the adoption of the best technologies to ensure the highest security. Some of these promises are:

  1. Highly secure and fast Aurix chain
  2. Independent DeFi system
  3. Amazing cashbacks and rewards, every day
  4. Simple and responsive design
  5. 24/7 customer support to solve all your problems


You might already have realized by now that Aurix is far much better than most of the crypto exchanges. Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, and his team have done a marvelous job for incorporating all the technologies into a single platform, to make the ecosystem a complete crypto solution. It has a positive uniqueness and freshness. Aurix is the best choice for the new investors, and those who are finding their exchanging system to be suspicious. Invest, transact, and pay with Aurix and be ready for everyday surprises and rewards.

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