Bereaved Chinese Father Uses AI to Digitally Resurrect Son

Bereaved Chinese Father Uses AI to Digitally Resurrect SonBereaved Chinese Father Uses AI to Digitally Resurrect Son

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  • AI is charting a new path for people to commemorate their deceased loved ones.
  • In China, many people are turning to AI to create digital replicas of the dead.
  • The possibilities are both exhilarating and unsettling.

AI technology is weaving a new narrative where people are able to commemorate their deceased loved ones in revolutionary ways.

Death has long been a definitive curtain call that marks the end of our physical presence in the world, oftentimes leaving only the cherished memories confined to dusty photo albums or faded videotapes. 

AI is Digital Resurrecting Deceased People

However, in countries like China, people are increasingly turning to AI technology to meticulously comb through the digital footprint of deceased loved ones – social media posts, emails, voice recordings – to craft a virtual tapestry of their lives. 

This is the case of a bereaved father, Seakoo Wu and his wife, who had turned to AI to virtually resurrect their only child named Xuanmo, who died at the age of 22 while attending Exeter University in Britain. 

Wu reportedly paid thousands of dollars to hire AI firms that cloned Xuanmo’s face and voice his son, using his photos, videos and audio recordings. Thanks to AI, the bereaved father was able to listen to a recording of his son’s voice.

“I know you’re in great pain every day because of me, and feel guilty and helpless,” said Xuanmo as enabled by AI. “Even though I can’t be by your side ever again, my soul is still in this world, accompanying you through life.”

Wu plans to build a fully realistic digital replica of his late son. He said, “Once we synchronise reality and the metaverse, I’ll have my son with me again. […] I can train him… so that when he sees me, he knows I’m his father.

Uncertainties About Digital Afterlife

The possibilities are both exhilarating and unsettling, as there are ethical and psychological questions that need to be addressed. 

It’s undeniable that AI has the potential to rewrite the afterlife experience. Already, there are several AI companies offering services that allow users to curate their digital legacies, ensuring their memories live beyond the physical realm. 

But does an AI avatar truly capture the essence of a soul, or is it merely a hollow imitation? And how do we navigate the emotional complexities of interacting with a digital simulacrum of a loved one?

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