BEERCOIN Sinks 40% in a Week, 3 New Meme Coin Alternatives

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After rocketing last week, BEERCOIN (BEER) has come crashing back to earth.

The token is down over 40% in the past seven days and has left many investors holding the bag.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at BEER’s rise and fall before highlighting three promising new meme coin alternatives that could provide better upside potential.

BEERCOIN Explosive Run Goes Flat Amid Whale Manipulation Concerns

BEER has been one of the most-discussed cryptos in the past week.

This Solana-based token went viral on Twitter and Reddit, with investors loading up after its Raydium debut.

Once the memes started flowing, BEER began rallying.

Just over a week after its open market launch, BEER had surged 6,300% to hit an all-time high price of $0.000579.

It even ranked first on CoinMarketCap’s trending cryptos list for a brief time.

However, like many meme coins before it, BEER’s hype died out.

The token’s price capitulated in the past seven days and has dropped to $0.000299.

That’s a 40% plunge from where it was last Friday.

The leading theory for why BEERCOIN fell is that a crypto whale was actively manipulating the token’s price through coordinated pump-and-dumps.

By suddenly dumping large amounts of BEER to lower the price, the whale induced panic selling – allowing them to scoop up more tokens at a discount.

While these reports are still unconfirmed, it has ultimately led to many investors losing faith in the project.

Which Are the Top Meme Coin Alternatives to BEER?

After BEERCOIN’s rise and fall, meme coin traders are looking for the next big thing.

So, which are the top meme coin alternatives that could provide better long-term prospects than BEER?

1. PlayDoge (PLAY)

The first meme coin investors may want to check out is PlayDoge (PLAY).

PlayDoge is inspired by the iconic ‘90s virtual pet game Tamagotchi – yet it also features a crypto twist.

Players adopt and care for a “Doge” pet to earn PLAY tokens.

These tokens can then be staked to earn passive income, creating an exciting gameplay loop unlike anything else in the meme coin space.

An XP-based leaderboard even rewards top “pet parents” with additional tokens.

Adding to PlayDoge’s appeal is its clear whitepaper and tokenomics.

The PLAY supply is capped at 9.4 billion tokens, with 50% allocated to presale investors.

This ensures the community has a big stake in PlayDoge’s future success.

And with over $4.3 million in presale funding raised already, there’s a growing belief that PLAY could have a similarly explosive debut to BEERCOIN once it hits exchanges.

Visit PlayDoge Presale

2. Base Dawgz (DAWGZ)

Another new meme coin that could be a viable alternative to BEER is Base Dawgz (DAWGZ).

This base jumping-inspired token has made big noise since its presale kicked off.

It’s already raised over $1.3 million in funding – all in just ten days.

At the time of writing, early investors can buy DAWGZ tokens for $0.00502 using several popular crypto tokens.

The reason for this accessibility is Base Dawgz’s multi-chain architecture.

As noted in the project’s whitepaper, DAWGZ holders can quickly move their tokens between different chains thanks to the Wormhole protocol.

This provides enormous flexibility relative to other meme coins.  

And crypto YouTubers have started taking notice, with Matthew Perry urging his subscribers to keep an eye on the token.

So, for those seeking an alternative to BEER with real utility, Base Dawgz could be worth checking out.

Visit Base Dawgz Presale

3. Sealana (SEAL)

Last but not least is Sealana (SEAL).

SEAL is another Solana-based token that has been turning heads in its presale phase.

Investors can currently buy SEAL tokens for $0.022 – the lowest price they’ll ever be offered.

Yet there are now only 11 days left before the presale ends and SEAL debuts on DEXs.

And with more than $4 million in early funding raised, many expect these DEX listings to be explosive.

But what’s driving all the hype around Sealana?

It’s mainly due to the token’s chubby seal mascot that satirizes the speculative nature of meme coin traders.

The amusing branding has resonated – over 10,000 people now follow Sealana’s Twitter account.

This following has been gained despite SEAL having no use case, roadmap, or whitepaper.

However, with similar no-utility meme coins (like WIF) showing what’s possible, investors seem to be betting that SEAL can deliver the same sort of returns solely through viral marketing.

Visit Sealana Presale

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