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Beeple NFT

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• The gallery in London becomes a priority for the digital artist.
• Beeple NFT completes its success with its second big sale with Christie’s.

Indian businessman Vignesh Sundaresan, also nicknamed MetaKovan, has collected the largest number of Beeple NFT works. Sundaresan is considered one of the main artworks that designer Mike Winkelmann presents in the NFT market.

Recently at an auction at Christie’s gallery in London, MetaKovan offered about $69 million for a new piece by Beeple, which left the public in shock. According to reports, the NFT space enthusiast bought the Non-Fungible Token under the heading “Every day: the first 5000 days.”

Beeple’s NFT enters the list of the three highest-rated art work

Beeple NFT

According to the data shared by the Christies gallery, the auctioned Beeple NFT shows photographs that Mike Winkelmann, an artist representing Beeple. Christie’s has stood out for being a great gallery that offered pieces by Klimt, Monet, and Picasso in the past. Now it explores the trade-in of non-fungible tokens.

The new owner of the NFT, MetaKovan, told the Reuters news agency this purchase is part of his investments in the non-fungible space. He confesses that he is his favorite. According to Fortune magazine, Beeple NFT pieces are in the top 50 of those sold, including artists like Paris Hilton and Jay-Z.

Christie’s becomes Beeple’s auction house

Although the NFT sale of “Every Day: The First 5000 Days” was important to London’s Christie’s gallery, this is not the first time it has been a trend to sell works by Beeple. A little over a week ago, the gallery announced that a Beeple’s NFT was sold for almost $29 million.

The gallery had published the NFT “Human One,” which showed a man in space garb that moves in different climates, which seemed amazing. However, this NFT work attracted the attention of enthusiasts who did not hesitate to bid, reaching $28,985 for which it was sold. This work by Beeple would correspond to the best value of his entire life as a digital artist.

Beeple NFT pieces also compete among the most valued and virtual pieces, such as the CryptoPunk collection, a trend in the non-fungible market.

The NFT market grows every day, offering many unique pieces valued in thousands of dollars, like CryptoPunk number 9998 that closed an auction on 124,457 Ethereum. That NFT piece is worth $526 million with a starting value of $4,234 per ETH.

After these advances with the Beeple auctions, the artist will launch a new collection, and Christie’s will be his place to show them. MetaKovan should also look forward to the unique images the artist shows at their next auction.

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