BC Technology Group’s $90M Deal with BGX Boosts Hong Kong’s OSL Exchange

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  • BC Technology Group receives a $90 million investment from BGX, bolstering its Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, OSL.
  • The investment signifies growing confidence in Asia’s crypto market and is expected to expand OSL’s offerings and attract more institutional investors.


In a significant move within the cryptocurrency industry, BC Technology Group, the parent company of OSL, a leading cryptocurrency exchange in Hong Kong, has announced a substantial investment from BGX. The investment, amounting to approximately 710 million Hong Kong dollars ($90.1 million), marks a pivotal moment for the company and the broader digital asset market in Asia.

Strategic investment and share subscription

BC Technology Group has entered into a strategic partnership with BGX, an emerging player in the crypto space. Under the partnership, BGX has agreed to subscribe to new shares in BC Technology Group, amounting to a substantial investment of around $90.1 million. The move is subject to shareholder approval and is part of a broader strategy to bolster OSL’s position in the market.

The investment is not just a financial boost but also a strategic alliance that could reshape the landscape of digital asset trading in Hong Kong and beyond. The subscription of new shares under a specific mandate indicates a strong belief in the future of OSL and its parent company, BC Technology Group.

OSL’s commitment to innovation and compliance

OSL has been at the forefront of setting new standards in the realm of digital asset security, compliance, and technological innovation. In 2023, it became one of the first crypto exchanges in Hong Kong to acquire a crypto license, showcasing its commitment to regulatory compliance and customer protection.

The investment by BGX is seen as a testament to OSL’s ongoing efforts to innovate and lead in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry. This infusion of capital is expected to further empower OSL to enhance its technological infrastructure and expand its services, potentially setting new industry benchmarks.

Market movements and future prospects

The announcement comes at a crucial time, following the recent suspension of trading OSL shares on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Industry sources had speculated about potential acquisitions or investments involving OSL, with unconfirmed reports suggesting interest from Bitget, another exchange that recently announced its exit from the Hong Kong market.

Furthermore, there have been reports that BC Technology considered selling the OSL exchange for approximately 1 billion Hong Kong dollars ($128 million). The new investment from BGX could potentially alter these plans, indicating a renewed confidence in OSL’s market position and future growth prospects.

BGX, describing itself as a “crypto group that aims to offer an innovative platform for institutional and individual investors ” has shown a keen interest in expanding its footprint in the Asian market. The investment in BC Technology Group and, by extension, OSL, aligns with the vision. It not only provides BGX with a significant stake in one of the region’s most prominent crypto exchanges but also positions it strategically in the rapidly growing Asian digital asset market.

The partnership between BC Technology Group and BGX is expected to leverage the strengths of both entities. For OSL, the investment means access to additional resources and potentially a broader customer base. For BGX, it offers a solid platform in the Hong Kong market, which is known for its stringent regulatory environment and could serve as a model for other regions.

Broader impact and future outlook

The broader implications of the investment are significant for the cryptocurrency industry in Asia. Hong Kong has been a hub for financial innovation, and the government’s relatively progressive stance on digital assets makes it an attractive market for crypto businesses. The investment in OSL could signal increased confidence in the regulatory environment and growth potential of the crypto market in Hong Kong and the larger Asian region.

Looking ahead, the partnership is likely to focus on expanding OSL’s offerings, possibly including new crypto products, enhanced trading technologies, and improved compliance measures. These developments could attract more institutional investors to the platform, further legitimizing the crypto market in the eyes of traditional financial institutions.


The $90M investment from BGX into BC Technology Group for the Hong Kong crypto exchange OSL is a significant development in the cryptocurrency landscape. It not only reinforces OSL’s position in the market but also indicates growing investor confidence in the future of digital assets in Asia. As the partnership unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the strategic alliance shapes the future of cryptocurrency trading in the region and potentially beyond.

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