Banxa’s U.K. affiliate joins FCA’s crypto register


  • Banxa UK VASP joins FCA’s crypto register and can now offer crypto services in the UK.
  • Banxa handles fiat processing for exchanges like Binance, ensuring secure transactions.
  • Firms need FCA approval for UK crypto promotions, leading some, like Binance, to make changes.

In a groundbreaking move, Banxa’s U.K. affiliate, Banxa UK VASP, has become the inaugural company to join the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) crypto register in 2024. This regulatory milestone grants Banxa UK VASP the authority to offer crypto-related services to clients within the United Kingdom.

The first company on FCA’s crypto register in 2024

Banxa UK VASP’s inclusion in the FCA’s crypto register marks a significant achievement within the financial regulatory landscape. With this approval, the company gains the green light to provide crypto services to its clientele in the U.K., signaling a major step forward for adopting and legitimizing digital assets in the region.

Banxa, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, specializes in payment infrastructure for the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry. The company’s services primarily facilitate fiat processing for customers of prominent crypto exchanges such as Binance and OKX. Banxa is crucial in handling identity verification and transactions, ensuring seamless and secure interactions within the crypto space.

Brinda Paul, the general manager of Banxa UK VASP, brings a wealth of experience to her role. Before her tenure with Banxa’s U.K. affiliate, Paul served as the compliance director at Banxa’s Melbourne headquarters until February. Her leadership underscores the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance and adherence to industry standards.

Navigating regulatory compliance

The decision to join the FCA’s crypto register underscores Banxa’s dedication to regulatory compliance and transparency. With increasing scrutiny from regulatory authorities worldwide, companies operating in the crypto sphere face mounting pressure to adhere to regulatory guidelines and ensure consumer protection.

Compliance with FCA regulations is paramount for companies wishing to promote crypto-related products or services to U.K. consumers. Only registered firms or those with approvals from authorized entities are permitted to issue promotions to U.K. customers. This regulatory framework safeguards consumers and maintains the financial markets’ integrity.

Challenges faced by unregistered firms

The FCA’s stringent regulations have prompted unregistered firms to reassess their operations and compliance strategies. Some entities have been compelled to withdraw services from certain clients or markets to meet regulatory requirements. Notably, Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, made the decision to halt accepting new clients from the U.K. amidst regulatory uncertainty.

As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, firms operating in the crypto space must remain vigilant and adaptable. Compliance with regulatory frameworks fosters trust and credibility and ensures the industry’s long-term viability. Banxa’s pioneering entry into the FCA’s crypto register sets a precedent for regulatory compliance and responsible business practices within the crypto ecosystem.

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