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Bankless crypto channel cheery after restoration from Youtube ban

TL;DR Breakdown
  • The bankless crypto channel on Youtube was banned without any explanation.
  • The Youtube team later restored the channel without any explanation.
  • Instagram is ready to start supporting NFTs.

The Bankless crypto channel on youtube was restored after being banned for a short time without any explanation. Bankless, which boasted 150,000 YouTube followers for its Ethereum-focused newsletter and podcast, said it had been suspended from the network without warning or explanation.

The channel, which has over 10,000 hours of material and included people, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, announced that Youtube had canceled its account in a tweet. Bankless said in a statement,

When you try to access the channel, you get a message that says, This page isn’t available, indicating that the page is gone.

It is not clear which violations led to the closure of the channel. Through their Twitter handle, bankless has come out to ask their followers to retweet a tweet until it reaches youtube support. The tweet contents stated,

Hey Youtube, our community would like to hear from you. Retweet until Youtube hears you. It’s not okay to burn crypto content.

The banning has come so suddenly without warning, notification, or justification.

The request from Bankless to retweet until it reaches the Youtube team saw fans condemning the incident. The leisure king stated,

A shame. But just more reason to keep building web3 to outbuild and incentivize the old guard.

The unexplained ban has come at an appropriate time. The ban put the continuous debate on web 2 versus web 3 in perspective. Banning the educational channel without any explanation shows how web 2 is bleeding from centralization. In a nutshell, you own nothing.

Youtube burns another web 3 educational accounts

YouTube (@Google) appears to have blocked informative web3 accounts on YouTube, including @BanklessHQ, @gabrielhaines, and @optimismPBC. The platform removed contents, thus removing their ability to communicate information with their viewers. The occurrence is an eye-opener that people need to shift to web 3, where freedom is guaranteed.

The Bankless channel’s removal was not permanent, nor did it necessarily indicate that YouTube discovered anything improper in the channel’s material. Other channels have been shut down by Facebook without reason in the past, only to be reinstated later, even without justification.

Despite the restoration of the channel, most crypto enthusiasts felt the incidence is the continuous abuse of power in centralized platforms. One follower said that it is laughable to see how Youtube behaves. The individual continued to say that someone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and removes your content and later, they add it back, and nobody cares to explain.

Instagram to provide support for haring NFTs

Elsewhere, Instagram aims to introduce NFT connections for Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow. These platforms handle the majority of NFT trading, with Ethereum having the most significant proportion because it distributes the famous Bored Ape NFTs.

According to reports, the pilot will involve a small number of NFT fans from the United States. Instagram gradually plans to enable commonly used crypto wallets like MetaMask, allowing users to prove NFT holding rights, promote them, and tag their authors.

It’s not surprising that Instagram is getting into NFTs. In December, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram was “actively studying NFTs” but gave no further details. The integration of NFTs was overseen by David Marcus, the former head of Meta’s blockchain division who left the firm in December. Stephane Kasriel, the former CEO of Upwork, took his post.

It will be a free service to users. They are not expected to pay anything to post like Twitter did in January for hexagonal NFT profile images. The move will certainly result in a surge of new cultural prominence for NFTs.

Instagram has approximately one billion active monthly users, most of whom use it to publicize and advertise their work. In March, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg touted the project without much information.

Nellius Irene

Nellius Irene

Nellius Irene is a cryptocurrency investor and journalist who has been in the nascent space since 2018. She has researched and written on several crypto-related topics including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), fundraising, mining, etc. Her major focus is covering regulatory events that are capable of shaping the entire crypto ecosystem.

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