Clarification on Bankless and BanklessDAO: A Distinct Separation

Clarification on Bankless and BanklessDAO: A Distinct Separation

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  • Ryan Sean Adams, co-founder of Bankless, has clarified that Bankless and BanklessDAO are separate entities, with no financial overlap or governance participation between them, leading to the renaming of BanklessDAO to Udi DAO.
  • BanklessDAO (now Udi DAO) applied for a 1.82 million ARB grant from Arbitrum to fund a campaign aimed at guiding users from awareness to expertise in cryptocurrency, furthering the adoption of decentralized technologies.

Recent Developments in the Crypto Community – In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and decentralized organizations, clarity and distinction between entities have become crucial. Ryan Sean Adams, co-founder of Bankless, has recently released a statement providing much-needed clarification regarding the relationship between Bankless and BanklessDAO, especially in light of recent events involving an ARB grant application by BanklessDAO to Arbitrum.

Bankless and BanklessDAO: Understanding the distinction

The crypto community has been buzzing with discussions and sometimes confusion regarding the relationship between Bankless and BanklessDAO. To set the record straight, Ryan Sean Adams emphasized that BanklessDAO operates as a completely independent entity from Bankless. The clarification comes at a pivotal time, especially considering the misconceptions that have arisen due to BanklessDAO’s application for a grant from Arbitrum.

Adams, along with fellow co-founder David Hoffman, has had no financial involvement with BanklessDAO. They have not benefited financially from the DAO, have never sold BANK tokens, and have not participated in the governance voting of the DAO. This clear separation of roles and financial interests is crucial in maintaining the integrity and independence of both entities. The co-founders have allowed BanklessDAO to use the Bankless brand, aligning with those who share the values and vision of Bankless. However, to protect the reputation and distinct identity of Bankless, a significant decision has been made regarding the naming of BanklessDAO.

Renaming to Udi DAO: A strategic move

In a strategic move to avoid any potential reputational damage to Bankless and to maintain a clear distinction between the two entities, BanklessDAO has been renamed to Udi DAO. This renaming is a significant step in delineating the boundaries and ensuring that each entity operates independently, with its own set of goals and governance structures. The new name, Udi DAO, marks a new chapter for the organization, allowing it to forge its path while still embodying the values that were central to its inception.

The decision to rename BanklessDAO to Udi DAO is not just a cosmetic change but a reflection of the evolving nature of decentralized organizations and the need for clarity in a space where collaborations and brand associations are common. The move is expected to mitigate any confusion among the community members and stakeholders, ensuring that the missions and operations of both Bankless and Udi DAO are distinctly understood and respected.

BanklessDAO’s ARB grant application: Promoting adoption

Prior to its renaming, BanklessDAO had applied for an ARB grant from Arbitrum, seeking 1.82 million ARB to fund a 12-month campaign. The campaign was aimed at guiding users from initial awareness to a level of expertise in the crypto space, further promoting the adoption of decentralized technologies and platforms. The grant, if approved, would play a significant role in enabling BanklessDAO (now Udi DAO) to execute its vision of fostering a more informed and engaged crypto community.

The application for the ARB grant highlights the proactive steps taken by the organization to contribute to the broader crypto ecosystem. The proposed campaign underscores the commitment of Udi DAO to not only spread awareness but also to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


The recent clarifications and developments surrounding Bankless and Udi DAO (formerly BanklessDAO) are pivotal in the context of the crypto community’s growth and evolution. The distinction between the two entities, the strategic renaming, and the ambitious ARB grant application all reflect the dynamic and nuanced nature of decentralized organizations and their impact on the broader landscape of digital currencies and blockchain technology. As the crypto world continues to expand and mature, the clarity and strategic positioning of entities like Bankless and Udi DAO will be crucial in shaping the future of decentralized finance and community-driven initiatives.

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