Avanade Study Exposes Retailers’ Struggles to Embrace AI’s Promise


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  • Retailers face significant hurdles in adopting AI despite a growing acknowledgment of its transformative potential.
  • Avanade’s research at NRF Big Show reveals a gap between retailers’ confidence in AI readiness and their actual preparedness.
  • Microsoft’s new AI solutions offer hope, but the industry needs a robust governance framework and focused employee training to fully harness AI benefits.

In a paradigm-shifting revelation at the recent NRF Big Show in New York, Avanade unveiled critical insights into the retail industry’s struggle with embracing AI. While the spotlight was on Microsoft’s revolutionary AI solutions, Avanade’s research brought to light the formidable challenges that retailers face in adopting artificial intelligence for staying competitive and enhancing customer experiences.

Retailers grapple with the AI dilemma

Retailers, driven by the surge in customer expectations, recognize the imperative to integrate AI into their operations. Avanade’s AI Readiness Report showcases a staggering 90% of retailers believing their customers are ready for AI-driven interactions. Yet, this confidence stands in stark contrast to the reality on the ground. The report exposes a critical gap where, although 94% express confidence in harnessing AI benefits faster than competitors, only half have implemented strategic measures for essential elements like human resource management, workforce planning, and employee training.

While retailers are convinced of their customers’ readiness for AI, Avanade’s research dives deeper. An impressive 85% of retailers, surpassing the average across all industries, believe their clientele is prepared for AI integration. Yet, the report unveils a more nuanced picture. A staggering 98% of industry leaders across the board acknowledge the need for substantial support to onboard and train employees in using generative AI tools. This highlights a substantial challenge in translating customer expectations into practical and efficient AI implementation.

A critical revelation from Avanade’s research is the governance gaps prevailing in the retail AI landscape. While the transformative potential of AI is undeniable, only half of retailers report having implemented comprehensive guidelines and policies for responsible AI use. This gap underscores the urgent need for a robust and scalable governance framework, considering the ethical responsibility associated with AI adoption. Failing to establish such governance might lead to severe consequences, particularly in addressing growing consumer concerns regarding the ethical use of AI.

Microsoft’s AI solutions – A beacon of hope

In the face of various challenges, Microsoft’s revelation of cutting-edge AI solutions during the NRF serves as a luminous beacon of optimism for retailers. The introduction of Copilot templates, specifically tailored for enhancing store operations and personalizing the shopping experience, combined with the innovative retail data solutions integrated into Microsoft Fabric, establishes a pioneering benchmark in the realm of generative AI and data functionalities. 

These groundbreaking solutions not only pledge to mitigate industry-specific challenges but also chart a transformative course toward a future where AI revolutionizes the very fabric of the retail landscape.

As retailers grapple with the transformative potential of AI, the research by Avanade presents a stark reality check. Despite confidence in readiness, tangible obstacles in strategic planning, employee training, and governance loom large. Microsoft’s innovative AI solutions offer a glimpse into a future where AI can redefine the retail experience, but the path forward requires concerted efforts.

In this dynamic landscape, one cannot help but wonder: Can retailers bridge the gap between customer expectations and AI implementation, or will the struggle persist? The answer may well shape the future of retail, where AI is not just a trend but an indispensable tool for survival and success.

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