Australian survey: Number of women holding crypto doubled in a year

Australian survey

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  • Australian survey says the number of women holding crypto has doubled in a year
  • The survey was carried out among 2000 respondents
  • Cohen wants equal participation despite present gaps

Cryptocurrencies have continued to enjoy massive adoption by trading and non-trading entities in the economy. Even though the assets are undergoing volatility, it has not stopped people from scooping them up. A recent Australian survey has confirmed this as it claims that the number of women holding cryptocurrencies in Australia has doubled. According to the time frame of the survey, it considered all the digital assets bought in the last year.

The Australian survey considered 2000 respondents

The survey was carried out by the Independent Reserves Cryptocurrency Index of Australia. The survey discovered that the number of women holding digital assets increased sharply this year compared to the last. Taking a look at figures, the Australian survey said that over 2000 Australians considered, the number of women holding crypto is now at 20%.

Before now, It was in a region slightly above 10% this time last year. In the same vein, the percentage of Bitcoin holdovers among women also doubled up, seeing a figure of 14% compared to the 8% that held the leading digital asset last year.

The company in charge of the survey also doubled as a crypto exchange across the country, boasting a user base of about 200,000. The board of Blockchain Australia, Karen Cohen, confirmed this in a recent statement noting that crypto has now become accessible across all exchanges in the country. In her statement, Cohen mentioned that holding crypto is generally becoming a norm and one of the sure ways to get easy profit.

Cohen wants equal participation despite present gaps

In the statement by Adrian Przelozny, one of the founding members of Independent Reserve, crypto has continued to witness massive adoption. With that, he says that the risky nature of the asset declines. Talking about the Australian survey, Przelozny mentioned that the figure could be better than this by next year. A recent report by Grayscale said that women tend to oppose huge risks when carrying out business, one of the major reasons why there are more men than women in the crypto market.

The Australian survey also points out that more women were likely to take advice regarding crypto from friends and family. While the number of women who would enter the crypto market after assurance from friends stood at 56.7%, the number of male counterparts who would do the same stood at 42.2%. Cohen also said that more women are entering the market due to the assurance that their families dealing in crypto are giving them.

However, more men than women would rather enter the market because of media interest in the assets, with the figure standing at 45% to men and 41.8% to women. Cohen also noted that she hopes that participation in the crypto market would become a thing that opens the space to both genders equally.

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