Australian man charged for mining crypto at work

According to a report from the Australian Federal Police (AFP), a 33-year-old government employee had modified the government building’s computers in order to generate cryptocurrencies on a massive scale and has acquired nearly 9,000 AUD worth of cryptos for his own personal gain.

The charges are as follows. Unauthorized modification of data for personal gain, and unauthorized modification of restricted data. The man will be at a court hearing later today and will be judged under the country’s CCA (Criminal Code Act).

This man had done it before

This was not the first time that the contractor was in trouble with the local police. Last year, around the same time of the year, his house was raided, concluding in the confiscation of a laptop, phone and employee ID.

Should the man be proven guilty, he will be facing up to ten years in prison, with a minimum of two.

According to an AFP representative, such crimes are the most dangerous for the Australian community. According to his statement, the local taxpayers put their trust in the local government, and for them to have their technology hi-jacked so easily, is a truly chilling message to other wrong-doers.

Previously such cases were cited with the Federal Reserve Board of Directors, where the suspect was mining cryptocurrencies under the legislators’ noses. He got off with a fine, but it seems like his arrest was also a message for the current suspect.

Overall, the country is in desperate need for better cybersecurity. A topic which will definitely come up in the political discussions to come.