Aurix Chain: Reliable Wealth Storage For Future Needs

Aurix reliable wealth storage for future needs

Investment diversification is something that can save you from a lot of troubles and economic disappointments. Such disappointments can lead to a situation wherein you give up on your investments. When they put all their potential into one jurisdiction, a lot of people have suffered. The thing is that when people put their money into one asset in a platform that has no substantial amount of security, they can be subjected to severe loss. 

This is why Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, sought a permanent solution to this problem and came up with the solution that comes for the redemption of all such investors.

Wealth storage issues

Only those who do not have the proper access to their funds or are constrained to exchanges that provide low liquid trading pairs are subject to loss. Hence, Aurix is the one-stop solution for all such people.

  • Regarding transaction fees, there are many exchanges that extract as much as 20-30 percent fees from people who trade in crypto. This is why people lose a lot of wealth. Therefore, such exchanges are not good for crypto storage.
  • Most of the crypto exchanges cannot  handle huge transactions that require a lot of power and resources for verification. Because  of such a phenomenon, people have to trade lesser value in crypto, thereby causing a decrease in their fortune. It is not ideal  for people to invest in such platforms. 

Aurix Ecosystem conserves your wealth

Aurix uses the systematic, and innovative supply method. As you can see in the image below, the intelligent supply represents how the entire distribution of the top 10 coins is affected by the amount of supply. It means that mining Bitcoins or other crypto depletes them because they are limited;hence, it affects their overall price. 

This  is what the Aurix Smart Chain is all about. It is a very beneficial aspect of the Aurix Ecosystem and works with excellent efficiency. When it comes to the platform’s growth, not many people, Smart Chain will play an important role. 

Another massive part that Aurix will play in the conservation of your wealth is by taking zero transaction fees. This is why it is considered that Aurix will differ from other crypto exchange platforms.

Aurix Chain: Reliable Wealth Storage For Future Needs 1

It would provide you with valuable cashback as crypto rather than take money from you. Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, also includes a DeFi MasterCard by which you can easily get more cashback. So, for the users of the card, an extra cashback of up to 9 percent is available, which is huge.

The Debit card made by Aurix is pretty versatile. It means  one can  use it with practically any merchant or vendor, provided  such outlets  accept crypto as payment for their products or services. The reason behind this feature was to promote the growth of crypto and enhance its image among the public  so that more people would start using crypto as a payment method.


The illusion that people have regarding the crypto world, involving a considerable amount of risk, is wrong. The only drawback that crypto has is the absence of suitable platforms, which will provide huge and valuable support to it. Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, wants people to realize the importance of crypto.

Aurix Ecosystem, holding all the features of Aurix into place, is one of the most secure and transparent crypto exchange ecosystems. It will be launched as an open-source platform, i.e., anyone who wants to take the services of Aurix internationally.

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