Aurix Chain Ecosystem Solves Problems of Crypto Mainstream Adoption

How Does the Aurix Ecosystem Solve the Problems of Mainstream Adoption

Many problems have hindered the mainstream adoption of crypto and blockchain. Aurix chain ecosystem offers the most effective and efficient solutions to the issues of mainstream adoption. It has the potential to provide the simplicity that has been lacking in the crypto industry. The primary aim of the Aurix project is to make the crypto industry more transparent, and user-friendly. This is to ensure that anyone can easily enter the market and transact with no hindrance.

Aurix chain ecosystem’s solutions to the problems of crypto mainstream adoption go beyond easy access to crypto funds. It also goes beyond providing good exchange options. Before we explore these Aurix chain ecosystem solutions, let us look into the challenges of mainstream crypto adoption.

Challenges of crypto mainstream adoption

Unavailability of Visa/Mastercard for crypto transactions    

We are currently at a time where you can execute transactions in a cashless manner using credit cards. It is highly improbable to achieve crypto mainstream adoption if Visa/Mastercard for crypto transactions is unavailable. Therefore, for the crypto industry to achieve mainstream adoption, people need to have crypto-backed credit cards for their transactions. Imagine trying to buy a product from Amazon without having a credit card.

Bottlenecks for e-commerce and other businesses

For e-commerce and other businesses, accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment requires them to have a streamlined system in place. Such a specialized system comes with many bottlenecks; hence these businesses will prefer not to accept crypto transactions. For a business to accept crypto payments, certain plug-ins need to be in place. However, most of the crypto projects are not looking into solving this problem. 

Most crypto ecosystems are difficult to use

Another big hindrance to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption is the complexity of most of the crypto ecosystems. People want to have a system they can easily and seamlessly operate to carry out their transactions. If the crypto industry hopes to achieve mainstream adoption, then there is  a need to simplify crypto ecosystems for the average user.

High transaction cost

Imagine a situation where you want to purchase a cup of coffee, and the transaction cost on the blockchain system is higher than the price for the cup of coffee. This is a big problem in the crypto industry. Although many crypto and blockchain projects are developing systems with low transaction fees —the top platforms charge transaction fees. 

Aurix Chain Ecosystem Solutions

Aurix Chain ecosystem provides Visa/Mastercard with DeFi cash back

One way the Aurix chain ecosystem seeks to solve crypto mainstream adoption is by providing credit cards. These cards will not just be used for transaction alone, it also comes with DeFi cash back. It means users can get paid while they transact with their Aurix Visa/Mastercards. Cardholders can pay using crypto anywhere and at any time.

Eliminates bottlenecks for e-commerce and other businesses 

The Aurix chain ecosystem has a specially designed solution to the bottleneck issues facing e-commerce and other businesses hoping to accept crypto. To ensure that the transactions are seamless, Aurix has created a unique shop plug-ins suited for almost every system.

Easy and user-friendly platform

One of the Aurix ecosystem aims is to create a user-friendly platform that an average person can easily use. If the crypto industry must achieve mainstream adoption, then users need to find the platforms easy to use. Having a user-friendly platform is an effective way for the Aurix chain ecosystem to solve mainstream adoption.

Offers cash back to users without transaction fees

Before someone can leave what he/she is familiar with to join a discrete  entity, they need to see some incentives. Aurix chain ecosystem provides such incentives as cash backs and no transaction fees. The DeFi cash back provided by the Aurix chain is the first of its kind in the crypto industry.


This article clearly shows that Aurix chain ecosystem solutions are well-designed to solve the problems of mainstream crypto adoption. Although the project is relatively new in the market, Aurix solutions can revolutionize the crypto industry.

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