AUC Coin Integration Redefines Access to Finance in South Africa

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  • Advanced Project and Pick N Pay’s collaboration integrates AUC Coin, marking a significant stride in African blockchain innovation.
  • Pick N Pay’s adoption of AUC Coin signals a pivotal step in making digital assets a mainstream payment method in South Africa.
  • Advanced Project’s vision, propelled by AUC Coin integration, aims to democratize finance, ensuring widespread access to digital assets across Africa.

Advanced Project has partnered with major retail giant Pick N Pay to integrate AUC Coin as a payment method at retail stores across South Africa. This strategic alliance will catalyze digital asset adoption and usher in a new era of cryptocurrency use within the region.

South Africa has emerged as a leader in embracing digital assets, especially after the Financial Sector Conduct Authority recognized cryptocurrencies as financial products. This move has triggered a transformative shift in payment methods, with Advanced Project spearheading the integration of AUC Coin as a payment method, reinforcing its dedication to democratizing finance across Africa.

Empowering Individuals and Businesses

By simplifying access to and use of digital assets, Advanced Project empowers individuals and businesses alike, contributing to a more inclusive and prosperous future for the continent. The Pick N Pay group, the largest retail group in Southern Africa with 2,204 stores across eight countries, has joined forces with CryptoConvert, enabling direct payments with digital assets at all Pick N Pay counters in South Africa through the integration of the CryptoQR Payments API. This partnership signifies a pivotal step in mainstreaming digital currencies for everyday transactions. 

Ashiek Anandhaw, CEO of AUC, comments, “The Advanced project uses its own end-to-end payment platform, TIER, which directly connects AUC Coins to users and merchants, to provide a payment system in an easier environment in both offline and online environments, allowing users to pay not only for goods but also for other value-added services and municipal bills.” 

Expanding AUC Coin’s Utility

AUC Coin, the native token extensively used in the on/off-chain ecosystem of the Advanced Project, has successfully undergone testing for payment services in several South African retailers. This expansion of AUC Coin’s utility from online transactions to everyday purchases positions it as a potential catalyst for revolutionizing financial access and inclusion across the African continent.

The Pick N Pay partnership is just the beginning. Other prominent retail groups are gearing up to follow suit, signaling a broader acceptance of digital assets in everyday transactions. With the momentum created by Advanced Project and its partners, the vision extends beyond just Bitcoin and Ethereum; it encompasses various digital assets, with AUC Coin leading the charge in retail transactions.

Blockchain-Powered Africa

Through such strategic collaborations, Advanced Project is actively working towards realizing its vision of a blockchain-powered Africa. The goal is to ensure everyone has equal access to financial tools and opportunities. Integrating AUC Coin in retail transactions is a significant stride in this direction, propelling Africa to the forefront of the global cryptocurrency movement.

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