Are Bitcoin and Ethereum overvalued assets in reality?

Jeremy Allaire who is the CEO of Circle recently shared his views on the declining rates of the crypto market. He said that BTC and ETH are cryptocurrencies that have been overvalued. The underlying system that these currencies function on is highly valued and utilized. He believes that the current downhill trend in the market is because the investors are no longer making risky investments and have realized the potential of digital currencies.

He does, however, believe that that the concept of digitalization of assets is beneficial and productive and has a chance of mass adoption in future. He said that this new method of securing assets is going to change the world as we know it.

He has shared his opinion of the management of cryptocurrency in the USA. He said that the US cryptomarket is more transparent in its action than the rest of the countries that use crypto. He thinks that investors should be well informed of the pros and cons of investing in the crypto space before making a permanent risky investment.

He noted that the digital currency will always have the same basis and foundation regardless of the price and value it holds.

He also predicts that Bitcoin will rise in value and have a lot of worth over the course of three years. He praised Bitcoin by further saying that Bitcoin will be highly acclaimed over time because of its secure transaction system. A decentralized system is always a charming thing to partake in all over the globe.