Apple, Microsoft battle EU over iMessage and Bing

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  • Apple and Microsoft challenge the EU over the upcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA).
  • The DMA seeks to regulate tech giants, requiring interoperability, data sharing, and more.
  • Companies must meet criteria like €7.5bn annual turnover and 45 million monthly EU users to be governed.

Two of the tech world’s juggernauts, Apple and Microsoft, are standing their ground against the European Union, questioning the very fabric of upcoming regulations. While both companies have been global innovators in their own right, it’s the clash with Brussels over the forthcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA) that puts the spotlight squarely on them.

The Controversial Lines Drawn by the Digital Markets Act

Upcoming regulations proposed by the EU aim to place a leash on Big Tech’s vast and growing power. The DMA is set to reveal the inaugural list of services it wishes to govern. This legislation isn’t a light tap on the wrist; it mandates that tech giants like Apple and Microsoft make their services compatible with competitors, share data, and more.

A hefty annual turnover of over €7.5bn, a soaring market cap above €75bn, and an active monthly EU user count exceeding 45 million are the primary benchmarks to fall under the DMA’s umbrella. However, the actual application may not be as cut and dried. Brussels retains the discretion to play around these numbers.

Microsoft’s Bing, holding a mere 3% of the market share, finds itself under Brussels’ scrutinizing gaze. Microsoft raises a skeptical eyebrow, pointing out the vast chasm between Bing and its colossal counterpart, Google Search. Should Bing fall under the DMA’s purview, it will have to offer users alternative search engine options, potentially bolstering Google’s dominance. It’s ironic and concerning for the tech behemoth.

On the other hand, Apple is fervently defending its chat application, iMessage, highlighting its user count’s potential incongruence with the DMA’s criteria. Though iMessage is a staple on Apple devices, the tech giant hasn’t dished out user specifics for quite a while. A major sticking point lies in the differing views between Apple and the EU on the market segment iMessage caters to.

The Wider Implications and the Waiting Game

The impending regulations won’t merely stop at Microsoft and Apple. Other tech behemoths like Google, Amazon, and even Meta are bracing for the DMA’s grip. Chinese sensation, TikTok, is also on Brussels’ radar. With platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and the monolithic Google search engine slated for coverage, the DMA’s intent is to foster competition, especially from budding European tech startups.

Brussels, however, is still in contemplation regarding the fate of iMessage and Bing. The possibility of launching a detailed probe to ascertain if these services should be governed by the DMA’s mandates is very much on the table. All of this is just a fragment of a larger puzzle. With the DMA regulations being fully applicable by next spring, the European Commission is gearing up for an onslaught of legal challenges, most notably from the tech giants who feel unjustly targeted.

Adding fuel to the fire, this isn’t the first instance of tech companies locking horns with the EU over digital norms. Renowned German online retailer Zalando and tech titan Amazon have already dragged the commission to court, asserting bias under the Digital Services Act. It’s yet another digital legislation endeavor, setting forth new internet policing standards.

As Brussels arms up for potentially the biggest tech regulation overhaul, the question remains – will Big Tech kowtow, or will it rewrite the rules of the game? Only time will tell.

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