Ankr blockchain unveils new product to enhance privacy and compliance in Web3 authentication

Ankr blockchain unveils new product to enhance privacy and compliance in Web3 authenticationAnkr blockchain unveils new product to enhance privacy and compliance in Web3 authentication

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  • Ankr has launched “Ankr Verify,” a new product for secure user authentication in Web3, utilizing zero-knowledge user identity verification to meet KYC standards while ensuring user privacy.
  • The solution allows users to verify their identity through Synaps, a regulated KYC firm, enabling blockchains and Web3 apps to confirm user credentials without accessing sensitive personal data.

Ankr, a key player in the Web3 development sector, has recently launched its new product, “Ankr Verify.” This innovative solution is designed to redefine user authentication across blockchain and decentralized applications, using zero-knowledge user identity verification. Also, this new product aims to combine compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) standards and the unique privacy benefits of blockchain technology.

Revolutionizing user identity verification

The introduction of Ankr Verify marks a significant advancement in Web3 user authentication. This tool is particularly crucial for businesses and organizations that operate within the blockchain space. The new product enables these entities to validate user data and adhere to regulatory requirements without compromising user privacy by employing zero-knowledge cryptography.

This method of user verification is a departure from traditional KYC practices. Instead of requiring users to share sensitive personal information, this product allows the verification of user attributes through Synaps, a regulated KYC firm. Synaps will be the sole entity with access to, and responsibility for, the verification and storage of user data. This approach ensures that Ankr and other companies, protocols, or apps will not have direct access to sensitive user information.

Enhancing user experience in Web3

Ankr Verify is not just about compliance and privacy. It’s also geared towards improving the overall user experience in the Web3 ecosystem. It functions similarly to a single sign-on system for the decentralized web, allowing users to verify their private information just once to gain access to a wide range of applications. This feature is expected to provide users with a more seamless and hassle-free experience when navigating through different decentralized platforms.

Furthermore, the product is set to facilitate government-sanctioned use cases within the Web3 domain. By marrying the best practices of KYC compliance and Decentralized Identity (DID), the product opens up new possibilities for blockchain applications while maintaining the core principles of privacy and autonomy that are fundamental to blockchain technology.

Ankr’s continued commitment to Web3 development

The launch of Ankr Verify is part of the blockchain’s broader strategy to support the development of the next generation of blockchain applications. As an all-in-one Web3 developer hub, Ankr provides a comprehensive suite of tools for building Web3 apps. These tools include multi-chain dApp development aids, blockchain engineering services, and crypto-staking solutions.

Ankr’s infrastructure also includes a globally distributed node network, facilitating high-performance connections to over 40 blockchains.

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