Andrew Yang crypto advocacy: Prioritize clear and transparent rules

Andrew Yang crypto advocacy Prioritize clear and transparent rules

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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is a huge fan and advocate of crypto and blockchain technology. Andrew Yang crypto advocacy has been set up on a very basic agenda – a very clear and transparent list of rules and regulations when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Merely days away from Iowa Caucus meetings, Yang, in an interview lamented that the behavior towards crypto is different from state to state in the US. This makes it pretty hard for new entrepreneurs and investors to invest in this new booming industry.

Andrew Yang crypto advocacy might give him a headstart

The statements were released a few days before the Iowa Caucus meetings where people from different parts of Iowa would come together to vote for their potential candidates that might ultimately contest for the presidential elections later this year.

Yang, in the same interview, stated that he is very much impressed by the underlying potential that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency possess, succinctly stating:

It is something that we should keep an eye on.

The major issue faced by technology is the rules and regulations. They are not uniform and that is the reason why people are still reluctant to invest in the blockchain and crypto. Being an ardent fan of crypto, Yang has strongly advocated for setting out new rules and regulations for crypto.

Rising competitor in the Democratic race

However, Andrew Yang crypto advocacy might be just enough to pull the other crypto fans to his side in elections. Andrew personally feels that Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders will come out on the top and will secure more votes than another popular democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

As of now, it seems that the support for Andrew is fewer than the other candidates. According to the results of recent polling survey, Andrew Yang’s name isn’t even on the list. The Iowa Caucus meetings take place on Monday with people participating in an open election system without any secret ballots.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency globally, who knows how the US election would turn out? Andrew Yang is currently 5th according to polls conducted by ABC News:

Running on the platform that automation is displacing millions of jobs and the solution begins with $1,000 a month for every American adult, the 45-year-old tech entrepreneur has gone from a complete unknown to a rising competitor in the Democratic race.

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