Analytics company launches blockchain data storage for drones

Red cat is a firm that provides analytics, data storage facilities and other services within the drone industry. It has recently declared the beta release of blockchain-based analytics, black box storage, and services for improving the tracking and liability of drones.

This platform release is based on many interconnected systems that allow regulatory bodies in the industry to monitor their drone flights remotely, giving them the ability to ensure drones with credible third-party information. This will also ensure that pilots comply with flight regulations for drones. The company’s Black box flight recorder is one of its kind when it comes to providing securely encrypted data from third parties, that insurance companies and regulators can rely on.

This technology will encourage the global growth of drones for both commercial and recreational purposes. Regulatory authorities predict drone usage to increase four times by the year 2022. However, it does not go unnoticed that even as the number of drones goes on increasing, regulations and security laws are not keeping up with the pace, leaving the lawmakers to fear that any formidable incident regarding drones could place the future of the whole industry at severe risk.

The whole aim of the Red Cat platform was directed towards furnishing the expanding needs for a simple yet safe monitoring and data safekeeping solution for enterprises, insurance firms and regulatory bodies involved with the drone fleets and service industry.

In an interview scheduled with the CEO of the firm, Jeff Thompson, he expressed his belief in helicopters, commercial aircrafts and a variety of drones as the ‘next big thing’ in aerospace industry. For a drone to be allowed ample access to airspace, credible and indisputable data is required by the industry to ensure reliable tracking and accountability. Thompson said that the purpose for developing this technology was to establish conformity to regulations by the drone industry and ensuring secure skies.