America’s Homebred Hypercar Will Soon Be in Customers’ Hands


  • Czinger’s new factory will be completed in the next few weeks.
  • Carmaker claims that the 21C is the world’s hypercar that is 3D printed and human-AI designed.
  • Deliveries are expected to start this summer, and Czinger plans to build many more models by 2030, including a GT model.

America’s homebred Czinger 21C has been in the development stage for quite some time, but now it is known that the initial deliveries of the cars are due this summer for the first customers. Soon Czinger is expecting to complete its new production factory in Torrance, CA, where the production of 21C will start, and we are talking weeks here, said CarBuzz after having a talk with the company’s official.

America’s homebred hypercar 

The American hypercar is influenced by a tech marvel of the American aviation industry, the SR-71 Blackbird, which is an art masterpiece with beautiful flowing lines and a deadly long-range bomber. The C21 was first previewed in 2020, but now it’s just months away when customers will get the real feel of its hybrid powertrain, as car enthusiasts have been waiting for more than three years. 

We know for a fact that the US is enthralled by speed and power, as has been the case ever since the big block engines were introduced in muscle cars back in the day, but the local industry lacks in producing the exotics with top-tier performance cars, and very few can be said to have been made like the Hennessey Venom F5 or Ford GT. Czinger is expecting to challenge the European best cars with its 21C in every aspect of their performance and looks as it delivers the car to customers and changes the dynamic of the US hypercar market.

Czinger says the car is 3D printed and is designed by humans and AI together, as it claims,

“world’s 3D printed hypercar designed by human/AI.”

Source: Czinger.

The car’s exterior has traditional hypercar features, which is really an art marvel to look upon, but there is much more to it with an interior featuring fighter jet-styled seats and a robust powertrain.

Source: Technavio.

Czinger 21C is a real American beast

The power unit is a flat-plane crank V8, which has a displacement of 2.88 liters, and two turbochargers have been mounted to help the engine generate massive power at 11,000 rpm. The exact power of the engine is not known yet, as we cannot calculate it only based on the available statistics, as there is more to it with an electric motor incorporated for front wheels, but with everything onboard, the company says the car can achieve 1250 horsepower and the widebody model is capable of 1350 horsepower.

The car weighs 2756 lbs, and the Czinger has shown some jaw-dropping numbers, as it says it can go from 0 to 62 mph (miles per hour) speed in 1.9 seconds and can do a quarter mile in 8.1 seconds. The exotic beast can reach 186 mph in 15 seconds, and if you keep pressing gas, it will reach 0 to 248 mph in 29 seconds.

The company says the initial production run will be of 80 vehicles of limited-edition models, which are already sold, we expect, but the hard work spanning over the year will be rewarded as the production facility completes and starts rolling out cars to the customers, which will also bring in cash so that company can start planning for its next model line up which they are already looking to. 

After 21C, the company expects to bring more models by 2030, along with a GT. The Hyper GT will be a two-door car with a four-seat cabin and a gull-wing design grand tourer which seems like quite a big undertaking, but the company is confident that it will go into production. Czinger’s strategy is to maintain low volume with high-performance vehicles to produce some of the most advanced exotic vehicles.

Source: Technavio.

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