American citizen confesses crypto-funding to ISIS

american women confesses crypto funding isis

A Pakistani American lady has confessed to utilizing Bitcoin to subsidize the dreaded Islamic State from Syria, media reported. Zoobia Shahnaz has admitted, at the Central Islip court of New York, to submitting charge card and advance extortion to acquire Bitcoins in an endeavor through units in China, Turkey, and Pakistan.

In a plea bargain with the court, Shahnaz conceded that she fund-raised through charge card and credit misrepresentation. She changed over this cash into Bitcoin and digital forms of money to send to the Islamic State group, and al-Sham a report revealed. ISIS has been marked a gorilla militant gathering by the United Nations and numerous individual nations.

Shahnaz was captured by the Joint Terrorism Task Force [JTTF] in July 2017. She was captured while she was at the New York Airport with a plane ticket to Turkey. She expected to fly from Turkey to Syria. Authorities said that she went to the US on a visa utilized by the relatives of US subjects and after that later turned into a US native.

The report demonstrates that Shahnaz filled in as a doctor’s facility specialist in New York. She got an illicit advance worth $22,500 and furthermore gotten various Visa cards through which she fund-raised to purchase Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies worth $62,000. She transmitted the cash to IS and other gorilla militant units of China, Turkey and Pakistan that were working along ISIS.

While she was transmitting cash to the gorilla oppressor, she was also perusing their promulgation on the web. “[… .] at different brutal jihad-related sites and message sheets, and internet-based life and informing pages of known IS scouts, facilitators, and agents”, law authorities stated, in their report.

In December Shahnaz’s attorney, Steve Zissou told the National Public Radio that she had volunteered with the Syrian American Medical Society and had seen the predicament of the displaced people “firsthand.” “Her philanthropic endeavors at that point and since were roused by her pledge to mitigating the situation of the general population in the Middle East,” he included.

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