AMD will be developing more efficient mining rigs

The graphics card manufacturing company AMD has recently revealed that it will be developing a crypto-mining rig while working alongside seven leading crypto-currency industries.

Crypto-currencies are facing the biggest bear market they have ever seen, this has created a lot of doubt among people about their profitability. However, the biggest effect of the bear market was on the miners whose earnings decreased even further, in fact, the companies that manufacture the mining units are earning much more than the companies that mine crypto-currencies. This factor gave an opportunity to AMD, which has dedicated itself in making a much better and economical mining unit.

Mining crypto-currencies today is very difficult. In some countries, miners have to pay higher electricity bills while in all of them the mining is not cheap as it consumes a lot of electricity.

AMD has gained little to no profit in the sales of crypto-mining units. The company is also working to develop many other blockchain related items, which are listed on the official website. AMD has collaborated with Sapphire, ASROCK ASUS and four other companies to develop mining rigs that have a greater hash rate and work much more efficiently.

Eight mining products are available for purchase on the website, and each one can be used to deal with one specific problem that the miners face. The new mining rigs can be specific to one sector of mining like ‘stability based’ while some can provide total improvements in the conventional mining methods.

However, the prices of these mining units have not been listed on the website, but all the specifications of the miners are available for public view.