AMD Instinct MI300X Emerges as the Preferred Choice Among AI Professionals, Posing a Challenge to NVIDIA’s Dominance


  • AMD’s Instinct MI300X gained popularity among AI professionals, with 50% expressing confidence, citing better price-to-performance and wider availability than NVIDIA H100s.
  • MI300X, based on CDNA 3 architecture, boasts 2.4X higher memory capacity, 1.6X higher bandwidth, and up to 60% faster performance, causing challenges for NVIDIA amidst order backlogs.
  • Strategically timed with the MI300X release, AMD positions itself for a potential market shift, potentially challenging NVIDIA’s dominance in the AI accelerator realm.

A recent survey conducted by Jeff Tatarchuk of TensorWave, polling 82 engineers and AI professionals, unveiled a notable trend where approximately 50% of respondents expressed confidence in adopting the AMD Instinct MI300X GPU. This surge in interest is attributed to its compelling price-to-performance ratio and widespread availability, positioning it as a formidable contender against counterparts such as NVIDIA’s H100s.

The MI300X Instinct AI GPU, engineered on the CDNA 3 architecture, has emerged as a catalyst for AMD’s entrance into the ongoing AI “gold rush.” Boasting a formidable combination of 5nm and 6nm IPs, the MI300X stands out with an impressive 153 billion transistors, marking a substantial upgrade from its predecessor, the MI250X. Notably, the memory capacity receives a substantial boost, showcasing a 50% increase in HBM3 capacity compared to the MI250X, totaling 128 GB.

Unrivaled performance metrics

A comparative analysis against NVIDIA’s H100 highlights the MI300X’s prowess:

  • 2.4X Higher Memory Capacity
  • 1.6X Higher Memory Bandwidth
  • 1.3X FP8 TFLOPS
  • 1.3X FP16 TFLOPS
  • Up To 20% Faster Vs H100 (Llama 2 70B) In 1v1 Comparison
  • Up To 20% Faster Vs H100 (FlashAttention 2) in 1v1 Comparison
  • Up To 40% Faster Vs H100 (Llama 2 70B) in 8v8 Server
  • Up To 60% Faster Vs H100 (Bloom 176B) In 8v8 Server

These staggering metrics underscore the MI300X’s superior performance, significantly impacting the AI accelerator market. Notably, AMD’s flagship Instinct AI accelerator has posed challenges for market competitors, capitalizing on the performance gains and strategically timed release to capitalize on NVIDIA’s order backlogs, hindering its ability to attract new clients.

Industry headwinds: NVIDIA’s challenges

The formidable rise of AMD’s MI300X has not been without consequences for NVIDIA. The graphics giant grapples with order backlogs, impeding its growth and client acquisition. As AMD gains momentum, the market dynamics are poised for a potential shift, setting the stage for a head-to-head battle between the two industry heavyweights.

While Team Red may not have had the ideal start, the future appears promising. The MI300X’s formidable performance and strategic timing position AMD as a key player in the competitive AI accelerator market. With market competitors facing challenges, AMD is poised to capitalize on the changing landscape and gain a substantial foothold.

The AMD Instinct MI300X has emerged as the preferred choice among AI professionals, signaling a potential paradigm shift in the AI accelerator market. The GPU’s impressive performance metrics and strategic release have positioned AMD as a formidable contender against market leaders like NVIDIA. As the industry witnesses this transformative phase, AMD stands at the forefront, ready to reshape the ongoing AI “gold rush dynamics.”

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