AMD and JR Kyushu Revolutionize Bullet Train Track Inspection with AI Technology


  • AMD and JR Kyushu partner to enhance bullet train track inspection with AI-driven solutions, improving efficiency and safety standards.
  • Tokyo Artisan Intelligence’s collaboration with AMD brings cost-effective AI technology to JR Kyushu, revolutionizing track maintenance.
  • AMD’s Kria K26 SOM empowers JR Kyushu with advanced AI capabilities, paving the way for sustainable and efficient railway operations.

AMD, a leading semiconductor company, has partnered with JR Kyushu Railway Company to introduce a groundbreaking AI-driven track inspection solution for Japanese bullet trains. Leveraging the AMD Kria K26 System-on-Module (SOM), this collaboration aims to enhance speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in track maintenance, ensuring compliance with Japan’s stringent railway safety standards.

Innovative AI-powered track inspection for bullet trains

JR Kyushu operates an extensive network of bullet trains covering over 1,455 miles of track, reaching speeds of up to 161mph. Traditionally, track inspection has been a labor-intensive process, requiring meticulous manual checks at regular intervals. However, with the implementation of AMD’s AI technology, JR Kyushu is poised to revolutionize this practice.

The solution, developed in collaboration with Tokyo Artisan Intelligence (TAI), integrates rapid image processing and sophisticated AI algorithms to identify track anomalies such as loose bolts with enhanced precision. By automating the inspection process, JR Kyushu has significantly improved efficiency while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Cost-effective and accurate solutions

Kazuhiro Sakaguchi, Deputy Manager in the Engineering Division at JR Kyushu, expressed satisfaction with the innovation, citing improved inspection efficiency and anticipating further enhancements. Hiroki Nakahara, CEO of TAI, emphasized the financial benefits of AI implementation, highlighting the dramatic improvement in operational efficiency achieved by replacing manual inspections with AI-powered carts.

Central to the inspection solution is a vision computing box mounted on a cart, equipped with a high-speed camera and the FPGA-based Kria K26 SOM for AI-powered data analysis. The compact and integrated platform of the Kria K26 SOM, featuring a custom AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, ensures durability and adaptability to diverse environmental conditions.

Endless programmability for varied applications

Chetan Khona, Senior Director at AMD, underscored the versatility of Kria SOMs in accelerating innovation at the Edge. He highlighted JR Kyushu as a prime example of how Edge AI computing can automate processes and enhance operational efficiency across various applications, from machine vision to industrial robotics and AI/ML computing.

The dynamic natural environment of railway tracks necessitates ongoing updates to the Kria SOM, ensuring the longevity and relevance of the technology investment. As JR Kyushu continues to embrace AI-driven solutions, the collaboration with AMD signifies a commitment to sustainable and efficient railway operations.

The collaboration between AMD and JR Kyushu represents a significant milestone in the advancement of railway track inspection technology. By harnessing the power of AI, JR Kyushu aims to streamline maintenance operations, reduce costs, and uphold the highest safety standards. As the partnership evolves, the adoption of AMD’s innovative solutions is poised to transform railway operations worldwide, ensuring a safer and more efficient travel experience for passengers.

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