Amazon Removes Books Containing False Information About King’s Cancer Diagnosis


  • Amazon removed books with fake info on King’s cancer after Palace backlash.
  • King delayed public duties due to cancer but keeps working behind the scenes.
  • Palace wants speculative books on King’s health withdrawn; Amazon agrees.

In response to concerns raised over the dissemination of false information regarding the health of the King, Amazon has taken swift action to remove several books from its platform. These books purportedly contained exclusive revelations about the King’s cancer diagnosis, allegedly written by artificial intelligence.

Amazon takes action

Amazon’s decision to remove the titles in question came after it was brought to their attention that certain books violated their content guidelines. The e-commerce giant is committed to providing authors and customers with a top-notch shopping, reading, and publishing experience. As part of this commitment, Amazon rigorously evaluates emerging technologies and ensures that the content listed for sale adheres to its guidelines. Any concerns about the content prompt a thorough investigation, and books found in violation are promptly removed.

Buckingham Palace swiftly addressed the situation, condemning the speculation surrounding the King’s diagnosis and treatment as “intrusive, insensitive, and filled with inaccuracies.” The palace’s legal team announced plans to closely examine the issue, emphasizing the inappropriateness of any publications speculating on the monarch’s health. The Palace reiterated the King’s desire for privacy concerning his medical matters and urged individuals and organizations involved in selling such titles to withdraw them immediately.

Background on the King’s health

The controversy surrounding the books emerged following Buckingham Palace’s revelation that the King, who ascended to the throne 17 months ago, has been diagnosed with a “form of cancer.” The diagnosis reportedly occurred during an investigation into a separate health concern while the King was undergoing treatment for a benign enlarged prostate. Consequently, the 75-year-old monarch has postponed public engagements but remains engaged in his duties behind the scenes, including work on state papers.

Shortly after commencing treatment, the King’s departure from Clarence House was marked by a brief reunion with the Duke of Sussex. Despite his health challenges, the King attended church in Sandringham, Norfolk, displaying a commitment to his duties.

Amazon’s swift action to remove books containing false information about the King’s health underscores the importance of upholding content standards and ensuring publication accuracy. The Palace’s strong condemnation of speculative works regarding the King’s diagnosis reaffirms the monarch’s right to privacy and dignity in health matters. As the situation unfolds, it is essential for all parties involved to prioritize respect for the King’s privacy and refrain from engaging in sensationalist or inaccurate reporting.

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