Northamptonshire Police’s AI Trial Uncovers Widespread Violations


  • Northamptonshire Police’s AI trial uncovered massive violations.
  • The trial used AI to analyse pictures taken with roadside cameras.
  • The initiative will be useful in a trial project carried out by National Highways.

Northamptonshire Police’s AI trial uncovered massive violations as people were subject to mass facial recognition technology throughout the trial.

While serving in one trial for a week with the AI technology, Northamptonshire Police revealed a shocking figure of 114 mobile phone users and 180 seatbelt users. The pedal that constitutes such permit crimes being “regrettably” ubiquitous, there has been a fear of security on the roads.

AI targets distracted driving

The trial used AI to analyze pictures taken with roadside cameras and informed officers of possible violations by images. The Safer Roads Team manager for Northamptonshire Police, Mr. Matthew O’Connell, praised for the support and claimed, “AI technology has now furnished us with the eyes of the aircraft.” 

The initiative will be useful in a trial project carried out by National Highways, which aims preventing distracted driving and creating awareness and demand for safe roads. Matt Staton, the Head of National Road User safety, said drivers can be four time more probable to have a car accident when they use mobile phones while they are driving.

Staton highlight the significance of the event; from a previously conducted phase of the trial. The technology has already proven able to detect these kinds offenses and now, it is a large scale operational process.

AI trial cameras, source: BBC

Concerns over technology reliance

The Automobile Association (AA), which has acknowledged the possible merits of AI technology in the field of road safety, has warned that this should not be the only method used in that regard. John Cousens, Head of Road Safety at AA , stressed that a camera is only able to record a dangerous driving behavior. But a police officer can physically pull over a driver therefore help to stop and avoid any more damage from happening.

After successfully wrapping up the trial in Northamptonshire, it is planned to be spread to 10 local police forces, comprising Norfolk and Thames Valley, by March 2025 as well. This will involve the adoption of a wider range of data collecting mechanisms and tools so that the reliability and applicability of this AI technology in fighting distracted driving and enhancing road safety can be assured.

It should be remembered that for many years, driving with a handheld mobile phone is a strictly prohibited type of conduct in the UK. The offence is being involved in something which is not necessarily the use of phones alone, but also includes training system devices such as satnavs, tablets and play devices.

Authorities hope that the attention and awareness that is raised during the process will encourage the drivers to act responsibility and avoid distracted and careless behavior on the roads.

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