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  • Rwanda will host 2024 AI summit with WEF, focusing on responsible development and access and leveraging Africa’s youthful workforce.
  • C4IR Rwanda and WEF collaborate to bridge global AI disparities, fostering an inclusive future with limitless innovation benefits.
  • The summit builds on C4IR Rwanda’s policy contributions, aiming to deepen AI understanding and unlock Africa’s economic potential.

The event, organized by the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Rwanda (C4IR Rwanda), in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), aims to shape the future governance and accessibility of AI on the continent. In a strategic move to harness the economic potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in Africa, Rwanda is set to host a high-level summit at the end of 2024.

The summit is a direct outcome of the AI Governance Alliance (AIGA), initiated by WEF in 2023. AIGA focuses on bringing together key stakeholders globally to foster responsible AI development, application, and governance. One of its key priorities is to ensure equitable distribution and enhanced access to AI, particularly in geographic and economic areas that need increased representation.

Theme: “AI and Africa’s demographic divide”

Under the theme “AI and Africa’s Demographic Dividend: Reimagining Economic Opportunities for Africa’s Workforce,” the summit aims to unite African countries on common risks, barriers, and opportunities. The goal is to devise a unified strategy for AI that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities in the African context.

Cathy Li, Head of AI, Data, and Metaverse at WEF, emphasized the critical global imperative of bridging the digital divide in artificial intelligence. The collaboration between WEF and C4IR Rwanda signifies a commitment to crafting an inclusive and equitable pathway toward an AI future. The collaboration seeks to foster an environment where innovation knows no borders and the benefits of AI extend across all communities.

“We are enthusiastic about our collaboration and committed to ensuring that the benefits of AI impact every community,” said Cathy Li.

Africa’s youthful workforce as a strategic asset

Minister of ICT and Innovation, Paula Ingabire, announced the summit during WEF’s annual meeting on January. Ingabire highlighted Africa’s youthful workforce as a strategic asset in the global AI agenda, capable of fueling tremendous economic growth. The Minister emphasized that governance and accessibility are pivotal to advancing these ambitions, ensuring that AI is designed and adopted responsibly and inclusively.

C4IR Rwanda’s ongoing contribution to AI policy

The upcoming summit builds on C4IR Rwanda’s ongoing work in AI policy and ethical guidelines. The center, currently the only one in Africa, has been instrumental in supporting the government of Rwanda in developing its national AI policy, launched in 2023. Serving as a convener for AI initiatives on the continent, C4IR Rwanda aims to deepen the understanding of how AI can address unique challenges and opportunities in African countries, particularly in the realms of access and inclusion.

Crystal Rugege, the Managing Director of C4IR Rwanda, expressed excitement about hosting the landmark event on AI in Africa. Rugege emphasized the importance of focused discussions rooted in the socio-economic and cultural contexts of the continent, with the goal of realizing Africa’s economic potential in the AI era.

“We look forward to welcoming leaders to Kigali later this year as we lay the foundation for an equitable and sustainable future,” said Crystal Rugege.

The AI summit in Rwanda represents a significant step towards shaping the trajectory of AI development in Africa. With a commitment to responsible governance, equitable distribution, and enhanced access, the collaboration between C4IR Rwanda and WEF aims to propel the continent into a future where the benefits of AI are shared, risks are mitigated, and Africa’s economic potential in the AI landscape is fully realized.

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